President Colleen Smith


Creating Diversity, Valuing People


Coconino Community College recognizes and respects diversity and the value it brings to our communities. We appreciate and welcome cultures, identities, beliefs, experiences and all that makes us unique. CCC champions and takes action to build an inclusive work and learning environment. We are allies and advocates, navigating a respectful dialogue about our shared humanity.




Students First: Vision 2025

Team Excellence

Strategic Goal 1

CCC will help each student achieve success through a supported and individualized educational experience.
Team Sustainability

Strategic Goal 2

CCC will practice sustainability through responsible stewardship of economic, public, and environmental resources to accomplish its educational mission.
Team Opportunity

Strategic Goal 3

CCC will promote a learning culture that is innovative, flexible, entrepreneurial, and responsive to the needs of our students and the communities we serve.
Team Community

Strategic Goal 4

CCC will strengthen community engagement in support of student success through advocacy, strategic partnerships, and new fundraising initiatives.



Meet Dr. Colleen Smith, PhD

President Colleen Smith

“The story of our college is the story of our students.”


That's the motto of Coconino Community College President Colleen A. Smith, PhD.


With more than 40 years of experience at community colleges in Texas, Wyoming and Arizona, Dr. Smith stays focused on keeping Students First.


She started her career as a faculty member in the Fine Arts. She was eventually encouraged to head into the administrative ranks because of her passion for community colleges and her desire to offer students a quality and affordable education in order to help them achieve their educational goals.


In addition to her multiple duties with CCC, Dr. Smith is deeply involved in the community with a number of professional organizations. As a champion of partnerships to offer students better educational opportunities, Dr. Smith covers Coconino County introducing herself to business, nonprofit and governmental leaders.


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