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The purposes of the Staff Council shall be to enhance organization, communication, and shared governance in the decisions affecting CCC staff, to coordinate activities and communication among staff across the College, and to promote Staff representation within college-wide groups and committees. 


Staff Council represents all staff members whose primary classification is not administrative (Director and above) or faculty. 


Through the collaboration of a single staff group with other college-wide departments, the Staff Council may meet with and make recommendations to the appropriate college-wide groups, following the policies and procedures of the college. In this manner, the voice of all staff contributes to the decision-making process that affects them, the student body, and ultimately, the success of the college as a whole.


For more information on meetings please visit our  Intranet page (employees only)



Staff Council Members


Christina Bauer – Student Services, Chair - Contact Form

David Prieb – Student Services, Co-Chair - Contact Form

Giovanna Macry – Academic Affairs, Secretary - Contact Form