Employee Assistance Program

Toll Free: (888) 520-5400


The Jorgensen Brooks Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an assessment and brief counseling service offering 24 hour crisis response, problem assessment, referral and problem-solving assistance for covered employees and their family members.


Confidential Assessment and Counseling Services

Licensed counselors deliver  high quality assessments through concise solution- focused therapy.  Therapy is conducted  in safe, confidential office locations. Our professional EAP counselors provide assistance with substance abuse, family problems, emotional concerns, addictions, relationship issues, depression, work-related issues and other personal concerns.


24-Hour Crisis Telephone Response

Professional telephone crisis counseling 24 hours/day, seven days a week.

Toll Free: 888-520-5400


Referral Support, Tracking and Follow-up

Our  counselors will assist with referrals for longer-term counseling or treatment based on client need.  Follow-up and return-to-work assistance provided.


Work Life, Legal, Financial Services and Online Seminars

The success of any company depends on how well work productivity and performance is. Healthy employees are happier and produce more. The Jorgensen Brooks Work/Life pages focus on the well being of employees offering information including weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management and exercise. We also offer great insight on such topics as family services, health and mental health, personal growth, wellness, finances and top wellness news


Why Jorgensen Brooks Group is your best call

At Jorgensen Brooks Group we understand that the challenges people face in their daily lives can impact their performance in the workplace. Our goal is help people find solutions to their personal and work-life problems and reclaim their lives.


For Employees • Complete Confidentiality • Live 24/7 Crisis Line • Brief, solution-focused Counseling • Telephone and Face-to-Face Counseling • Website education and work/life services • No copays or insurance records


For Managers and Employers • Consultation and Coaching Services • Supervisory-Leadership Training • Crisis Response Services • Conflict Management • Workplace Compliance Training Seminars • Customized Satisfaction & Service Reports


For All • Custom Employee Assistance Programs • Professional Training Solutions • Wellness Services • Strategic Leadership Coaching