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CCC Common Read invites students, employees, and community members to read one book and to engage in common intellectual experiences related to that book. We encourage faculty to use the full text or excerpts in their courses as required or recommended reading. Through facilitating course adoptions and programming outside the classroom, CCC Common Read seeks to create meaningful learning opportunities which deepen students’ engagement and sense of belonging at our institution and in our communities.


Connect with Your Community

All CCC students and community members are invited to read Tribe. We all share this book as a
common intellectual experience. Many courses at CCC have adopted the book as required or suggested

Participate in Conversations

All are encouraged to attend and participate in the events we’re planning around Tribe. See the events tab below for ways to join us.

Have questions about the program?  Contact Anna Canning at 928-226-4259 or by Contact Form.


Common Read - Tribe Reading Guide