Policies and Procedures

Policy Number Topic
1-99 District Governing Board
100-199 Administrative/General Institutional
200-299 Fiscal
300-399 Instruction
400-499 Human Resources
500-599 Student Services


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District Governing Board


College Direction

Number Title    
1 Mission  Policy  
2   Vision     Policy  
3 Purpose  Policy  
4 Core Values  Policy  
5 Governance  Policy  Procedure



Board Operations, Structure, Responsibilities

Number Title    
20 Legal Structure  Policy  
21 Code of Ethics  Policy  
22 Roles/Responsibilities  Policy  
23 Conflict of Interest  Policy  
24 Officers and Selection  Policy  
25 Policy Development/Approval  Policy  
26 Naming of College Facilities and Programs  Policy  Procedure
27 Emeritus Status  Policy  



Number Title    
28 Legal Advice  Policy  
29 Administrative Support  Policy  




Number Title    
30  Meeting Calendar/Public Notice  Policy  
31 Agenda Building  Policy  Procedure
32 Attendance  Policy  
33 Quorum  Policy  
34 Public Comment  Policy  
35 Discussion/Voting  Policy  
36 Self-Assessment/Annual Goals  Policy  



Number Title    
37 Media  Policy  
38 Communication with College Employees  Policy  



Number Title    
39 Travel  Policy  
40 Insurance for District Governing Board Members  Policy  



Number Title    
41 Annual District Governing Board Self-Evaluation  Policy  Procedure
42 Annual Evaluation of the President  Policy  Procedure


Delegation to the President

Number Title    
70 Strategic Planning  Policy  Procedure
71 President Emergency Succession Plan  Policy  


Board Education

Number Title    
90 New Member Orientation  Policy  
91 Professional Development  Policy     
92 Retreat  Policy  

 Appendix A: Arizona Revised Statutes Reference List


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