Testing Services at Coconino Community College is divided into two offices: one for college placement and the other for Fee-Based Testing.


Testing Services brochure


Placement Testing

Lone Tree Campus, Room 111
Phone:  928-226-4301
Fax: 928-226-4103
  • English
  • Math
  • Spanish
  • French

For questions regarding placement testing, please submit inquiries to placement.testing@coconino.edu


Fee-Based Testing

4th St Campus, Room B22

Phone: 928-526-7629
Fax: 928-526-8693
  • Distance Learning Exam
  • General Education Diploma (GED)
  • HESI
  • OPM Certification Exam
  • Prior Learning Assessment including DSST
  • Pearson VUE

For questions regarding proctored exams from other colleges, please submit all inquiries to testing.services@coconino.edu

Coconino Community College believes academic achievement is directly related to the course placement students receive prior to their enrollment. We are committed to providing opportunities for successful academic experiences for all students.


Placement Testing


NOTE: All days and times are Subject to change


Call (928) 226-4323 for an appointment

*Photo ID and Comet ID number required.


Summer 2015

2:00 PM
9:00 AM


10:00 AM
5:30 PM



Incoming Scores:

ACT/SAT Test scores can be used for placement if taken within the last two years. Official copies must be sent to CCC.  If you are submitting Accuplacer scores from another institution, you must present an official copy or have scores faxed or emailed directly from the testing center where you took them.  


Please send scores to:

placement.testing@coconino.edu or faxed 928-226-4103.


Outgoing Scores:

To request that we send your placement scores to another institution, please fill out our Test Score Rlease Form.


Study Guides

Coconino Community College administers the ACCUPLACER placement test from The College Board. All students are encouraged to review the study guides below to become familiar with the test prior to taking it.

Here is an Accuplacer Sample Test document to help you review before you take the test.




There are many other websites that students may find helpful as they prepare for the placement test(s). Some examples are:



Accuplacer Course Placement Criteria 

Arithmetic Score Range

Elementary   Algebra Score Range

College Level Math Score Range

Course Placement

20 - 60



MAT 082

61 or greater



MAT 086


36 - 60


MAT 091



20 - 43

MAT121, MAT 122,

MAT 140, BUS100



44 - 69

MAT142, MAT187, ACC255



70 - 120 

MAT 160, MAT172, MAT180, MAT211, MAT 220, PSY230


Reading Comprehension Score Range
Write Placer Score Range

30 - 40



RDG 089

41 - 75
RDG 099, EMS 131
76 - 120 
Exempt for Reading Classes, NUR 110
1 - 2
ENG 090
3 - 4
ENG 100
5 -8 
ENG 101, BUS 111


Reading Level 1
Reading Level 1
Reading Level 1 
Reading Level 2




ACT/SAT Course Placement Criteria 

Subject ACT SAT Course Placement
Math < 11 < 300 MAT 082
Math 11 - 14 300 - 320 MAT 086
Math 15 - 16 330 - 400 MAT 091
Math 17 - 20 410 - 520 MAT 121, MAT122, MAT 140
Math 21 - 24 530 - 600 MAT 142, MAT 180, MAT 187
Math 25 - 26 610 - 640 MAT 160, MAT 172, MAT 211
Math > = 27 > = 650 MAT 220
English 20 + 420 + ENG 101


*These scores are based on current CCC policies and procedures and are subject to change.   


For information regarding AP, IB, CLEP, DSST exam equivalency please use the following link:

AZ Transfer Exam Equivalency 2014-2015


Remote Testing


Are you looking for a testing center close to your home? The Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC), sponsored by the National College Testing Association, can help put you in touch with a college testing center. Contact one of the listed colleges to get information about placement testing for other colleges, proctored exam services for on-line classes or other testing needs. Prospective students from around the country can arrange to have their placement testing done in advance, close to home and then have the placement test results mailed or faxed to Coconino Community College, Testing Services. Any test results mailed or faxed to CCC must include the name of the student and Coconino Community College student ID number.


The CCTC website can be found at http://www.ncta-testing.org/cctc/


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