How long is the medical assisting program?

2 semesters. Students will start in either the Spring or the Fall. Each semester has 10 weeks of lecture, and 16 weeks of lab. The first semester, your last six weeks of class will be a 6-week course of “Medical Assisting Essentials.” The last six weeks of your second semester will be in an externship at a local health facility. Students then receive a certification of completion and be ready for their examination.


What courses will I be taking?

  • AHS 145 - Medical Assisting Essentials (1st Semester)
  • AHS 146 - Medical Assistant A (1st Semester)
  • AHS 147 - Medical Assistant A Skills (1st Semester, Last 6 weeks)
  • AHS 148 - Medical Assistant B (2nd Semester)
  • AHS 149 - Medical Assistant B Skills (2nd Semester)
  • AHS 290 - Medical Assisting Externship (2nd Semester)


What will I learn as a Medical Assistant?

Scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, taking doctor messages, contacting insurance companies, billing, patient intake, patient care, taking vital signs, giving Injections, phlebotomy, assisting with patient examinations, patient education.


What is the daily schedule like for the medical assisting program?

  • Monday’s: Lab 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday Lecture 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Some Zoom meetings, some asynchronous coursework


Is attendance in class required?

Yes, it is very important to attend each class. The class is fast-paced and demanding, and even missing one class can put students very behind. A high degree of professionalism is required.


Is this course hybrid?

The Medical Assisting Program is hybrid, which means some classes will be held in person at the Fourth Street CCC location, and other times class will be held online via Zoom. You must have access to a computer. There will be an online book and online homework.


How many students are admitted to the Medical Assisting Program?

Six new students are enrolled in Spring and Fall Semesters.


Are there pre-requisite courses that need to be taken prior to starting the medical assisting program?

No, there are no courses that need to be taken prior to starting the medical assisting program. We just ask that you have proof that ENG 098 or higher has been completed and proof that MAT 088 or higher has been completed. If you have not taken a course that is equivalent to these at a high school or college level, a placement test may be necessary to ensure this requirement has been met. For more information contact Testing Services regarding placement testing at: 928-226-4301, or by visiting the Testing Services Page.


Are specific medical records required for this program?

Yes, Immunizations (Hep B, MMR, Varicella, Current Flu, TB Test) records will be collected prior to attending an internship. The cost of each immunization varies, but an estimated cost would be:

  • TB Skin Test - $55
  • Varicella - $116
  • Flu Shot - $30
  • MMR - $67
  • Hep B - $50 (can sign a declination form)


Is a CPR Card required?

Yes, an American Heart Association BLS Card will be required at some point during your program. Coconino Community College does offer many coursed to obtain your CPR card throughout the year, check out the website for more information about upcoming dates and times. To find out when the next CPR class is being hosted please visit the CCC Events web page. CPR Cards are: $60.


Are uniforms required?

Uniforms are required. More information will be given on the first day of class. Uniform sets cost about $50 each and it is best to have at least two sets.


Is there a waitlist for the Medical Assistant Program?

Yes, there is a waitlist for the Medical Assisting program. Students from the waitlist are contacted to see if they are still interested in enrolling, before other new students are admitted to the program. For more information on the waitlist, or to be placed on the waitlist, contact James Clark.


Is an internship required to complete the program?

Yes, CCC calls it an externship. During your second semester you will complete a Medical Assisting externship for the last 6 weeks of the course. It is required that you complete 180 hours of time at an externship site. The course is called AHS 290. The internship will take place at a local health facility, and this will be determined as you near the end of your program. The externship is very time intensive and will require you to have a VERY flexible schedule. Most internships run Monday – Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.