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Mathematics and science are critical areas for a rapidly changing, increasing competitive global economy and society.  "To succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.” (National Science Foundation).  Technology is pervasive in almost every aspect of daily life, and as the workplace changes, STEM knowledge and skills grow in importance for a variety of workers (not just for mathematicians and scientists). 


There are several exciting work avenues to pursue:  scientific research in laboratories or in the field, involvement in the planning and design of products and systems, and working as support for scientists, mathematicians, or engineers so they can do their work. All of the opportunities in Math & Sciences involve gathering and processing data to solve problems. Work with your advisor to get started on your path to success!


Engineering, Math and Sciences Pathway - Biology Photo


Possible Careers:

Agricultural Inspector:  US $44,720 
Biologist:  US $87,300
Compliance Officers and Inspectors:   US $71,690
Forensic Science Technician:   US $63,740
Natural Sciences Manager:  US $144,440
Forester:   US $64,220
Park Naturalist: US $64,460

Engineering, Math and Sciences Pathway - Chemistry Photo


Possible Careers:

Chemist:   US $80,670
Forensic Science Technician:   US $63,740
High School Teacher:   US $62,360
Natural Sciences Manager:   US $144,440
Science Technician:   US $48,380
University/College Teacher:   US $80,720

Engineering, Math and Sciences Pathway - Engineering Photo


Possible Careers:

Chemical Engineer:   US $106,260
Civil Engineer:   US $89,940
Electrical and Electronics Engineer:   US $103,320
Engineering Technician:   US $65,520
Mechanical Engineer:   US $96,310
Mining Engineer:   US $97,490

Engineering, Math and Sciences Pathway - Geology Photo


Possible Careers:

Geologist and Geophysicist:   US $87,480
High School Teacher:   US $62,360
Natural Sciences Manager:   US $144,440
Surveyor:   US $63,080
University/College Teacher:   US $81,920

Engineering, Math and Sciences Pathway - Mathematics Photo


Possible Careers:

Actuaries:  US $113,990
Cost Estimator:   US $71,200
Market Research Analyst:   US $68,230
Mathematician:  US $112,110
Data Scientist :   US $103,500
Statistician:   US $98,920

Engineering, Math and Sciences Pathway - Physics Photo


Possible Careers:

Astronomer:   US $128,330
Meteorologist:  US $83,780
Natural Sciences Manager:   US $144,440
Physicist:   US $142,850
University/College Teacher:   US $86,550

Engineering, Math and Sciences Pathway - Transfer Degree Photo

Transfer Degrees

Intended for students who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate program. These degrees provide a foundation of general education, along with courses chosen to help fulfill lower-division baccalaureate requirements. Students should work with a transfer advisor to ensure all course requirements are met before transferring.


Pathway Course Sequences

Biology & Biomedical Sciences


Computer Science

Dental Hygiene


Exercise Science



Health Sciences


Parks & Recreation Management


AA degrees and certificates emphasize in humanities/social sciences, including a foreign language. AS degrees and certificates emphasize in math/science. AAS degrees and certificates are intended prepare students for employment

National median salaries are obtained from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) under sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA).


Pathway Faculty


Student Testimonial

“I’m really thankful for CCC. It has been a growing experience. I’m a more knowledgeable father, more focused on my sons’ development … We’re all striving for a better life.” -  Eli Secody, marketing and cultural advisor for Adventures Antelope Canyon in Page and CCC anthropology student

“I would really encourage (potential students) to look into their local community college. They have classes that are online. They have classes that are in the evenings, where you can take a class here and there just to see … if it’s really something you want to take to make that jump to.” - Richard Ramirez, medical student and CCC alum

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