Associate of Business (ABus Degree)

Degree Description

This program is intended for students who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate program in business or a related field. It provides a foundation of general education, along with courses chosen to help fullfill lower-division baccalaureate requirements. .

AGEC-B Requirements (35 credits)

All General Education coursework must be selected from approved AZ General Education Curriculum.


Course Title


Composition (6 credits)



ENG 101

College Composition I


ENG 102

Collge Composition II


Mathematics (3 credits)



MAT 211 or higher.

Business Calculus


Arts/Humanities (6 credits)



Two courses from different disciplines.



Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)



Two courses from different disciplines.



Physical/Biological Sciences (8 credits)



Two courses.



General Education Options (3-6 credits) 



CIS 120

Introduction to Computer Information Systems 


Any AGEC coursework to complete 35 credits.


Special Requirements

Must be met within the General Education requirements by a minimum of 2 courses.

Intensive Writing/Critical Inquiry


Ethnic/Race/Gender Awareness


Contemporary Global/International Awareness or Historical Awareness


Degree Core Requirements (25 credits)

University majors require certain lower-division courses: these are the courses that should be taken as the degree core.  Courses numbered 100 or above which transfer to Arizona state universities as equivalent, department elective credit, or general elective credit will be counted toward this degree.  Courses taken for S/U credit will not be counted toward this degree.


At least 12 of these credits must be taken in the ACC, BUS, or ECN prefixes.


To select the most appropriate for your program of study, create an educational plan with an advisor.


The outcomes identified below define the knowledge and skill sets that graduates will possess at the end of these programs of study 

  • communicate to increase knowledge, foster understanding or promote change in others.

  • critically evaluate issues, ideas, artifacts or events.

  • distinguish appropriate interaction in a variety of cultural and societal contexts.

  • display effective personal accountability skills, including work ethic, time management and teamwork.

  • advocate for themselves or others.

  • demonstrate competence in degree core.