CCC Assessment Reports and Actions

Part of the assessment process is to move beyond the compiling student learning data to review and analysis activities in order to implement changes that improve teaching and learning for the College's students and educators.  The assessment reports are gathered and analyzed at various levels by various stakeholders throughout the College.  


The resulting actions vary as much as the collection processes do.  This could be identifying an issue that needs further data and analysis to making a change to the learning activities within a class.  


Course Assessment Reports & Actions

The Course Assessment Reports will only provide overall faculty statistics on submissions numbers, the types of assessment tools used, and the overall types of changes faculty made.  More specific details, such as the assignments faculty used for assessment, student results, and the faculty's reflection, are available with the "Course Assessment Report" located in the  "Education and Learning Effectiveness"  Canvas shell for each semester (Login required for access).  


Fall 2020 Course Assessment Report

Spring 2020 Course Assessment Report

Fall 2019 Course Assessment Report

Fall 2016-Fall 2017 Course Assessment Report  

    *This course assessment report was generated during a General Education Thinking Skills Learning Outcome Assessment project.



Actions taken as a result of the Course Assessment reports are reflected within the reports themselves.  In addition, these results are shared by the academic leadership team with their faculty as many faculty like to see what other faculty are doing and this spurs innovative practices and conversations around teaching and learning between colleagues.