Assessment at Coconino Community College

Coconino Community College recognizes the need for long-term commitment to assessment through leadership and strategic planning.  Assessment is that process of learning how to improve, be better educators, and ensure the College students are progressing, gaining knowledge and skills, and preparing for their next steps.  To ensure student learning is taking place, the College educators engaging in a wide variety of assessment activities as various levels which are used in data-informed decisions.  


Utilizing a modified version of the  National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment Transparency Framework , this website provides an overview of Coconino Community College assessment activities and results.


Institutional Support of Assessment


Learning Services


Learning Services is an administrative group within the College that provides instructional supports in many areas, including assessment.  While all members of the group can assist with assessment in varying degrees, there are particular positions whose core work closely aligns with supporting College educators' assessment work:  

  • Assessment & Faculty Development Coordinator is the first point of contact for work related to the assessment and reporting of student learning.
  • Instructional Designer consults with faculty to effectively develop and deliver their courses which includes developing appropriate assessment tools.  
  • Associate Dean of Learning Services acts as the "go-to" person for curriculum questions and issues including the development of new student learning outcomes for newly proposed courses and programs.  


Assessment Committee


The committee is comprised of representation from across the College:  several full-time faculty across divisions, a Student Affairs representative, a Business Office representative, and two members of the Learning Services team.  The purpose of this committee is "to support the College's commitment to education achievement and improvement through ongoing assessment of student learning [and]... review program review documents for the College."  The committee's charter and meeting agendas and minutes are available through the College's "Committees" intranet page (login is required for access).  


Resources for Assessment


Coconino Community College Assessment Manual


The Coconino Community College Assessment Handbook provides an overview of assessment at CCC, a glossary of common CCC assessment terms, and a few helpful assessment ideas.


Assessment Manual