Top Strategies for Student Success

Top Strategies for Student Success

Each year CCC asks its graduating students to provide one piece of advice to the newest students entering the college.  The foremost pieces of advice collected are assemble in a flyer that is sent to new students, posted on bulletin boards across CCC's campuses, and hopefully also found in the homes and places where CCC students like do their homework.
The intent of the flyer is to share with current students the messages past on to them by those who recently succeeded in obtaining their educational goals.  The flyers also serve as a reminder to students that they too can achieve their goals by following the wise counsel of former students who faced the same challenges that current students do.
The Top Strategies flyer series is inspired by the peer-to-peer teaching strategies advocated by author Richard Light and author Walter H. Gale Professor of Education, Harvard University.


 2012 Flyer (It's a Fact)

 2011 Flyer (2010-2011 Strategies for Success)

 2010 Flyer (2010 Top 20 Strategies)

 2009 Flyer (2009 Top 20 Strategies)

 2008 Flyer (2008 Student Advice Flyer)

 2007 Flyer (2007 Advice From Grads)