Assessment plans are a tool to help courses, programs, and the institution outline their learning outcomes, a timeframe for assessing those outcomes, and where is the  learning data will be gathered.  


The plan is focuses on the three steps of assessment (collecting data, evaluating that data, and implementing changes based on that data). It provides a picture of what has been accomplished and what needs to be accomplished.  Additionally, by breaking down the assessment cycle in simpler tasks, the plan helps guide courses, programs, and the institution on where to focus energy. 


Course-level Assessment Plans

Course-level assessment occurs through the college's Course Assessment Reporting process.  As per Procedure 302-01 , "Faculty and/or disciplines are require to report course assessment each semester."  


Each semester, faculty members are asked to participate in course-level or section-level assessment.  For course-level assessment, the faculty member reports student learning on one course outcome for one course on an assessment tool of their choosing.  This information is reported using the "Course Assessment Report" located in the "Education and Learning Effectiveness" Canvas shell each semester (Login required for access).  


Beyond basic course information, the "Course Assessment Report" ask for:  

  1. Course outcome measured
  2. Assignment used
  3. Assessment results
  4. Criterion used to determine results
  5. Future adjustments to course, assignment, prior learning


Alternatively, the faculty of multiple sections of the same course may choose to conduct a section-level assessment instead.  They will determine the course outcome and develop a shared assessment tool in which to collect student learning data.  


In both scenarios, the Assessment Coordinator will compile information and share the results with the academic leadership.  The academic leadership will share out the results with appropriate stakeholders.  In addition, the Assessment Coordinator will post the results in the "Education and Learning Effectiveness"  Canvas shell for faculty to access.