Terms & Definitions

What is the difference between Continuing Education, Community Education, and Workforce Training?

  • Continuing Education includes Community Education and Workforce Training. Continuing Ed encompasses non-credit learning opportunities, both in-person and online.
  • Community Education encompasses community lectures and casual interest classes that don’t result in college credit. Synonyms for Community Education include Personal Development, Lifelong Learning, Life Enrichment, and Personal Enrichment.
  • Workforce Training is available to provide non-credit programs that may result in a credential such as a certificate that is meant to better prepare you for the workforce or enhance your skills in your current job. Workforce Training also includes opportunities for businesses and employers to provide trainings that are specific to their workforce. Synonyms for Workforce Training include Professional Development, Job Skills, and Corporate Education/Training.


Registration & Payment

Is there Financial Aid available?

Because our courses are non-credit, the Pell Grant from the FAFSA and other sources of financial aid provided by Coconino Community College (i.e. scholarships, grants, and loans) are not accepted. However, depending on the course you are interested in, there may be other financial assistance or payment plans available. Just be sure to ask.


Professional & Workforce Development


General Questions

Is it normal to be sent to a website outside of CCC?

We work with several partners to provide some of our courses. Therefore, there may be times that you are redirected to an outside website to sign up for a particular course. Below is a list of our trusted partners:

  • CE Shop, Phoenix Truck Driving School, Coursestorm, Ed2Go



Get in Touch with Us

I’m interested in teaching. What do I need to be able to teach a course?

Learn about how to apply and our standards and expectations for non-credit community instructors on our Course Proposal page.