Administrative Dental Assistant

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Administrative Dental Assistant

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This course is 100% online | Start anytime!

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Note: This course is non-credit. Colleges and universities generally only accept credit bearing courses as transferrable. View our Continuing Education FAQ Page to learn more about the difference between for-credit and non-credit courses. View our Degrees and Certificates page to explore for-credit degree and certificate options offered through CCC.



Online Administrative Dental Assistant Training


Become a Dental Administrative Assistant

Administrative Dental Assistants support patients and staff members in dental offices and clinics. Their work blends patient care with administrative duties to help make dental care as comfortable and smooth as possible. This 100% online course prepares you with the knowledge and skill to enter the dental assisting field as an entry-level Administrative Dental Assistant.


I enjoyed being able to access my schoolwork online and do my work when I had the time. My facilitator helped me a lot throughout my course and always responded to my questions in a VERY timely manner. Without her patience and expertise, I would not have been able to complete my program on time. I have a new understanding of the Dental Administrative Assistant skills.” – J.B.


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Job Outlook for Administrative Dental Assistant

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects job demand for dental assistants to grow by 7% between now and 2029. That is faster than the anticipated growth rate for all jobs.
  • The BLS states that dental assistants make $19.27 per hour or $40,080 per year, on average. According to, top Administrative Dental Assistants earn $20.41 per hour, plus bonuses.


Administrative Dental Assistant FAQs


Administrative Dental Assistants work directly with patients and dental care teams in a dental office or clinical setting. They help organize and manage the office procedures, take patient histories, stock supplies and instruments and communicate with patients and their families. They may schedule appointments, handle billing and coding and manage insurance reimbursement claims.



While Administrative Dental Assistants focus on the office environment and equipment, Clinical Dental Assistants may work with dentists and dental hygienists with actual dental procedures.



Most Administrative Dental Assistant jobs require a high school diploma but not a degree. However, requirements can vary by employer and by state. Please check with your state to learn its requirements for Administrative Dental Assistants.


Course Objectives

  • Foundational skills for dental office administration, such as communication
  • Basic industry knowledge, including dental terminology and diseases
  • Scheduling patients using common industry software
  • Obtaining health histories and maintaining patient records
  • Mastering recall systems
  • Bookkeeping and billing practices
  • Completing dental insurance claim forms
  • CDT (current dental terminology) coding


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Prerequisites and Requirements

No dental office work experience is required.



I. The Dental Profession
Orientation to the Dental Profession: Dental Basics

II. Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Communication Skills and Telephone Techniques
Written Correspondence
Patient Relations
Dental Healthcare Team Communication

III. Records Management
Patient Clinical Records
Information Management

IV. Scheduling and Recall Systems
Dental Patient Scheduling
Recall Systems

V. Dental Insurance Processing

VI. Financial Management
Financial Arrangements and Collection Procedures
Bookkeeping Procedures: Accounts Receivable
Bookkeeping Procedures: Accounts Payable

VII. Office Equipment and Inventory
Inventory Management
Office Equipment
Computers in the Dental Office

VIII. Employment Strategies



Cindy Lamkin

Cindy Lamkin has been employed in the dental field for over 20 years. She graduated from the University of South Dakota with a degree in dental hygiene and holds Registered Dental Assistant and Registered Dental Hygienist credentials. In addition to practicing clinical hygiene, she has also worked in dental office administration and treatment coordination. Her career includes general dentistry, as well as specialty practices of periodontics, endodontics, pedodontics, and orthodontics.


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