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Coconino Community College & the City of Williams have partnered to offer training opportunities for employees in the city for free or at a discounted rate.

This monthly series will explore topics related to the hospitality and service industries. Keep checking back to see what each month’s training topic is.


Upcoming Training

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Keep an eye out for upcoming trainings!

Past Trainings

June 2023: True Colors Personality Assessment
Dr. Frances Hill


May 2023: Positive Conflict Resolution
Dr. Michelle Gray


March 2023: Keys to Great Customer Service (CANCELLED)
Wally Rande


February 2023: Real Talk About Taxes (CANCELLED)
Susan D. Rusinski, CPA


January 2023: Team Building for a Positive Work Culture
Tommy Newsom II, Northern Arizona University


October 2022: Customer Service: Your Leadership Matters
Amanda Henry, Small Business Development Center


September 2022: Great Listening - Great Service
Kay Leum, Coconino Community College


August 2022: Why Visit Williams
Pimi Bennett, Williams Visitor Center 


July 2022: Customer Service Basics
Joell Crittenden, Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel