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Do you have a passion for a topic that you think would interest others? Coconino Community College is now accepting proposals for non-credit courses for Fall 2023. Click below to start your submission!


CCC Extended Learning Mission: The Extended Learning Department promotes the mission of the institution by identifying and delivering learning opportunities that meet the workforce and lifelong learning educational needs of our communities.


Questions? Contact our staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


After Proposal Submission: Next Steps

CCC Employees

CCC Faculty and Staff are encouraged to teach non-credit courses, particularly when those courses serve as a tool to generate new interest in existing for-credit programs. 


Non-credit courses may not coincide with regular work hours, and appropriate supervisor approval is required.


Part-time employees: Part-time employees may act as a non-credit instructor pending approval from the Business Office via Secondary Positions Procedure . The best times to submit a proposal are:

  • When one or more of your courses doesn't make.
  • When you are not going to be teaching a full load for a semester.
  • When you want to teach a non-credit course on a volunteer basis in support of your for-credit program (for example, if you want to drum up more interest from community members who might later take your class as a credit-seeking or auditing student).


Full-time non-exempt (hourly) employees: Non-credit courses may not result in overtime pay; we will work with you and your supervisor to determine the best way to offer your course within your 40-hour workweek, if possible.


Non-Credit FAQs

What is a non-credit course?

A non-credit course is designed for students who are not interested in college credit but are interested in gaining new skills or knowledge for personal enrichment or workforce training. The length of the course varies by content and can occur any time during academic semesters. A typical non-credit course is no longer than 4-6 weeks to keep participant costs low.