Background Check FAQ

When does the new background check process go into effect?  

July 1, 2018


Who are we using to conduct the background check

Accusource, who we have historically used at the College.


Why are we doing this? 

Human Resources is committed to providing a safe workplace for employees as well as a safe educational space for our students. In addition, Human Resources will follow all applicable aspects of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


What if someone worked for the college 2 years ago? Do they need a check?  

If someone resigned from the college, was terminated by the college, or had their pay assignment ended (break in service), they are NOT considered an existing employee. Therefore, they are subject to a background check, even if they previously had a check completed.


Do volunteers need to submit for a background check?

It Depends.  If they are in a long-term role, yes. Any volunteer placement beyond 2 days must submit for a background check.

Why do volunteers need to submit?

Volunteers are in our work and education space, therefore just as important to check as employees.


Do all positions need a background check?

Yes, unless noted otherwise by Human Resources


Where to I obtain a background check release form or get a check started? 

Because the form has personal identifiable information, please visit Human Resources to complete the form.  You will need to complete the form in our office and submit it prior to any official job offer is approved.


Can an applicant or volunteer who submitted their background check form begin work before the check is completed?

No, however due to unique roles and timing, it may be permitted on a case by case basis with prior HR approval.  In the event the background check comes back negative in an approved exception, HR will immediately send the person home pending a documentation review and an adverse employment letter could be issued after legal guidance.


What happens when a background check comes back with an issue?

Human Resources will follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act guidelines and collaborate with the background check vendor as well as legal-council as necessary to determine the status of the applicant or volunteer.


How does the process work?

The applicant completes the release form.  It is submitted to our 3rd party vendor. They perform a criminal background search.  Upon completion the results are submitted to Human Resources for review.  If no issues are found, the process is over and the person is approved.  If an issue is found, HR will work with the applicant, and appropriate resources, in an attempt to rectify the situation.   If it is not able to be rectified, employment is not offered to the person.