Financial Aid Disbursement

The first financial aid disbursement for eligible students is normally the Friday at the end of the third week of classes. Please look at our Financial Aid Calendar for specific dates. Students who receive checks should expect to have them arrive approximately a few days later. Students must be attending and participating in all of their classes and not have any extenuating problems with their financial aid file to receive their financial aid. Students who have not attended one or more of their classes will have all of their financial aid delayed until we have received confirmation of your attendance by all instructors. If you drop classes after receiving your financial aid we may take it back from you and require you to pay it back immediately. Please read "Adjustments to Awards" below.


If you are in "late start" classes, we withhold all or a portion of your financial aid until your attendance has been confirmed in your late start classes after your third week of attendance in them.

Students may choose to receive their financial aid by Direct Deposit by completing a Direct Deposit Form
After the first disbursement date, disbursement for eligible students occurs every Friday. All students are required to keep their address and phone number current with CCC. If a student's address is inaccurate and a check is mailed, we wait at least two weeks for the check to be returned to us, before we re-issue it. Login to MyCCC student portal and select "Self Service Banner" at the top to update or check your address.


Adjustments to Awards

Adjustments (increases/decreases) are made to your financial aid awards up to the 100% refund deadline as published in the Academic Calendar  If you are not attending your class, you are not entitled to the financial aid. If you withdraw from all of your classes, we calculate what you owe back and charge you per Department of Education Regulations. This is called a "Return of Title IV Funds Calculation."


Additional Information:

When your financial aid is more than you owe to CCC:  You will receive a direct deposit or a check in the mail for the difference.

When your financial aid is less than monies owed to CCC:  You must pay the difference to the CCC cashier.  

In order to receive financial aid, students must have:

  • Complete Financial Aid File:  All documents requested have been received by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Additional documents may be requested by an advisor after you have been told your file is complete if discrepancies are found in your file.
  • Verification:  The Department of Education selects at least 30% of students who fill out the FAFSA for verification. A financial aid advisor will verify information provided on all documents in your financial aid file. The advisor may ask for additional information after you have been told your financial aid file is complete. If you are selected for verification we will ask for the following documents:
Dependent Students Independent Students
Statement of Educational Purpose Statement of Educational Purpose
Dependent Verification Worksheet Independent Verification Worksheet
Tax Transcript from the IRS Tax Transcript from the IRS
Copies of W2's if You Did Not File Taxes Copies of W2's if You Did Not File Taxes
Parent's Tax Transcript from the IRS Documentation of Untaxed Income for the Previous Year
Copies of Parent's W2's if They Did Not File Taxes Additional Information to Clear Up Any Information In Your File or on the FAFSA
Documentation of Untaxed Income for the Previous Year  
Additional Information to Clear Up Any Information In Your File or on the FAFSA

Awarded:   You will be sent an email stating that you have been awarded. It will than direct you to log in to your MyCCC Self Service account to view your awards.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Probation/Suspension: You must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at CCC.

No past due debt owed to the college: You must pay all previous debts before you may be disbursed financial aid for the current semester.

Loans: Students who have applied for loans should read about the specific rules on our Student Loan Information page. There are several steps involved in applying for loans. Be sure to read all of the information on both pages of the Loan Request Form, complete entrance counseling and sign your Master Promissory Note on-line.

Consortium Agreements: When you attend more than one college concurrently, you may not collect pell grant funds from both. A Consortium Agreement may be processed by the parent school so the student may receive funding to cover some or all of the costs at both institutions.  For more information you may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.  Consortium Agreements must be completed prior to disbursement of funds.