The question of residency must be asked of each student at the time of admission. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation to the College to establish residency.  When completing an application for admission, students will be asked to provide documentation of the following: identity, citizenship status, and domicile.  All three categories must be fulfilled in order for CCC to determine residency.  Residency classification determines tuition costs (current rates can be found on the Tuition Pricing page).


Coconino Community College is supported by Coconino County taxpayers; the lowest in-district tuition rate reflects their contributions. Residency classification policy is defined by the CCC District Governing Board according to Arizona State law.


Arizona Prop. 308 Information





Examples of documents students can submit to prove identity usually include, but are not limited to:


Type of Document Notes

Arizona driver's license, instruction permit or non-operator ID

must not be expired
Driver's license, instruction permit or non-operator ID from any state must not be expired
US military ID card (active duty, reserve or retired), military dependent ID card, military driver's license   

School ID or government agency/employer-issued ID

must include photo
Passport or passport card if non-US passport, submit Visa also


Definitions, Exceptions, and Frequently Asked Questions

Arizona Proposition 308

Arizona voters passed Prop. 308 in the November 2022 election; Governor Ducey certified the results and the law became effective December 5, 2022.  


Effective for the Spring 2023 semester (beginning January 17, 2023):

A qualifying non-citizen student* (including undocumented and Dreamers) may be eligible for in-state (or in-county) resident tuition if the student:

  1. Attended an Arizona public or private high school, or homeschool, for a minimum of two years - AND -
  2. Graduated from an Arizona public or private high school, homeschool equivalent, or obtained an Arizona high school equivalency (GED) diploma.  


To see if you qualify for resident tuition under Prop. 308, please submit your Arizona high school transcript verifying two years of attendance and graduation.  If you earned a GED, please submit your Arizona high school transcript verifying two years of attendance and your GED transcript.


*Please contact Registration & Enrollment Services if you are in the US on a visa - many visa types are not eligible based on federal law.


Explore exceptions to the policy

A person is not entitled to classification as an in-state/in-district student until domiciled in Arizona/Coconino County for one year (12-consecutive months) before enrollment unless he or she meets one of the following requirements.


Dependent students

The student's parent is in Arizona/Coconino County, and that parent claims the student as a dependent for state and federal tax purposes.




The student’s spouse has established domicile in Arizona/Coconino County for at least one year and claims the student as a dependent for state and federal tax purposes.  If the student is a non-US citizen, the student must also be in an eligible visa status under federal law.