Learn to be a better tour guide at CCC


Grand Canyon National Park is one of the many places in northern Arizona where tour guides operate. CCC is offering a Tour Guide Training, beginning Oct. 6, 2020, to help established and potential tour guides hone their skills.



PAGE, Ariz. - The Grand Canyon. Antelope Canyon. Vermilion Cliffs. Sedona Red Rocks. White Pocket. The Wave. Lee’s Ferry. The Colorado River - from Glen Canyon Dam to Lake Mead.


There are just so many sights and attractions for visitors to northern Arizona to choose from, and they usually know very little about what they’re experiencing. That’s where a knowledgeable guide comes in handy. But where do people who are already guides go to hone their skills? And where do people go who are interested in becoming certified guides go to get the training?


Look no farther than your local community college.


Coconino Community College is offering a three-week, six-session Tour Guide Training during the month of October. Cost for the entire training is $150, and sessions, if done individually, are $29 each.


“The training will provide current and potential guides with information that can be used to offer the best experience and make lasting memories for their clients,” said Kay Leum, Executive Director of Extended Learning at CCC. “The wide range of topics and the experiences and stories the presenters share, cover the whole gamut for participants.”


Sessions, which begin Oct. 6, take place Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-8 p.m., and will be presented in Zoom webinar format. The sessions will cover the following topics: Life of a Tour Guide; Lessons from the Grand Canyon; Making Memories; International Visitors in Small-Town America; Geology and History of Northern Arizona; and Keeping Your Clients Safe.


The planning and development of the training was coordinated with National Park Express, one of the largest tour companies in the northern Arizona region, Leum said. The components included in the training are essential to being a good guide.


Presenters include Jeff Haflett, product manager of National Park Express; Dr. Rich Holtzin, retired Grand Canyon Field Institute, part-time faculty at Yavapai College and Northern Arizona University, and seasoned guide; Jenny Adkins, owner and operator of Big Orange Jeep Tours; Fran Thomas, Lake Powell Training and CCC American Heart Association instructor; and David Huang, president of Chinese Host Destinations.


Leum added that participants can look forward to enhancing their guiding skills through storytelling and information about the region, raise the quality of their guide services, and train for the ideal tourism job – where you meet people, share and provide first-rate service.


“Share the places you love,” Leum said. “Be the guide that delivers an amazing, life-changing experience, with a vibe that clients can feel.”


The sessions are taught by experienced guides who will use their stories and expertise to help participants become better guides.


Detailed information and registration information are available at www.coconino.edu/community-education.



Tuesday, 6th October 2020

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