CCC's Metcalf enjoys diversity, backgrounds of students


Coconino Community College Psychology Faculty Michele Metcalf has been selected as the 2021 Full-Time Faculty of the Year.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -  Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, according to the American Psychological Association.


It is a field that has long held fascination for Michele Metcalf, lead faculty for Social and Behavioral Sciences at Coconino Community College. Along her educational journey, she found that what she had a passion for teaching the subject that fascinated her.


Her students can feel that passion and helped her earn the honor of CCC’s 2021 Full-Time Faculty of the Year.


“It’s an honor to be selected as Faculty of the Year,” Metcalf said. “There are so many talented and dedicated faculty here at CCC.”


Metcalf added that it is also an honor to be a part of the students’ educational journey as they pursue their goals, hone their critical thinking and discover more about themselves and their abilities. It’s a dynamic experience.


“I really enjoy our diverse student population,” Metcalf said. “They bring a variety of perspectives, life experiences and cultural backgrounds into our classrooms. It’s the students who make the class – their questions, applications, insights and outlooks.”


Metcalf has been teaching Psychology at CCC since 1997. First, she served as a mentor coordinator while teaching full-time at Northern Arizona University. She became full-time faculty in 2001. She earned her master’s degree at NAU, and before she applied for doctorate programs, she taught at CCC.


“The students and my colleagues made me realize that teaching at CCC is exactly what I wanted to do,” Metcalf said.


According to one student who nominated Metcalf, “She applies everything we learn in class to real life … Prof. Metcalf is relatable and funny, and she makes an otherwise difficult subject feel less stressful and a lot of fun.”


Another nominating student wrote, “This is my first semester at CCC, and Prof. Metcalf has made me feel embraced by the institution, and she has shown me with her teaching that the faculty are extremely high quality.”


Another student wrote, “She instilled great pride in achieving success within me and left a very great impression on me that I will not soon forget. I was truly inspired by learning in her class.”


Metcalf wanted to thank her students for inspiring her and her colleagues at CCC for supporting her. She also thanked all the friends, family who helped make her success possible.


“It’s an amazing experience to be able to follow your passion,” Metcalf said. “I hope that students find their passion and follow it.”


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