Foundation Scholarships

To apply for Scholarships, view the Financial Aid Scholarships Page. All CCC Foundation scholarships may be applied toward tuition, fees, books, living, and other educational expenses. 

For the following scholarships, view the Foundation Scholarship Requirements Page.

Scholarship List

  • ALAS Latinos Unidos Scholarship
  • Antelope Point Marina
  • APS
  • Banjo Billy Scholarship for Undeserved Native American Students
  • Beatrice Watson-Zerr Memorial
  • Betty Steyskal Life-Long Learning
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ Nursing
  • CCC Employee-Funded Scholarship
  • CCC2NAU Raymond Educational Foundation
  • CCC2NAU President's
  • Chance Couillard Memorial
  • City of Williams, AZ Scholarship
  • Dennis M. Connell Scholarship
  • Dr. Inga Mahler
  • Dr. John W. Glenn Memorial
  • Dream Keeper
  • Eric Pellatz Memorial
  • Flagstaff Exchange Club Scholarship
  • Flagstaff Marine League Charities
  • Flagstaff Rotary
  • Follett Bookstore Scholarship
  • Foundation President's Award
  • Hartzell Foundation High School
  • Isaac’s Ant Foundation
  • Jason Kurtz Nursing
  • JKC Inc. General Contractor Scholarship
  • K & G.W.
  • Larry Goltz Memorial Accounting
  • Loven Contracting Building Relationships Scholarship
  • Marshall Knoles
  • NARBHA Scholars Scholarship
  • Non-Traditional Student Construction Trades Scholarship
  • Northern Arizona 4-H Scholarship
  • Northern Coconino County/Page
  • Page / Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce
  • Palette to Palate Visual Arts
  • Pauline Wild Poore Scholarship
  • Pepsi/Hi-Line
  • Raymond Educational Foundation
  • Re-Boot 
  • Sean R. McMullin Memorial Scholarship
  • Scarves for Scholarships
  • SRP Navajo Scrubber
  • Step-Up
  • Students First Scholarship
  • Theresa Givens - Soroptimist International of Az Peaks
  • Theresa M. Alvarado
  • Veterans

Scholarship Funding

Endowed Scholarships - provide naming opportunities for a lifetime for your business or organizations scholarship is endowed, the corpus or principle can never be touched. With the scholarship being supported by interest each year, the scholarship is available indefinitely. The minimum commitment for an endowed scholarship is $15,000 which can be funded all at once or over a three-year period. Recipients would begin receiving scholarships in the fourth year if this option is chosen. Awards are based on yearly investment return calculations.

Pass Through Scholarships 
offer the most flexible option for your business. Scholarships are funded annually at a minimum of $1,000 per year. A company can fund one scholarship or multiple scholarships depending on the amount of the scholarship and the goals of the donor. If the company, organization or individual wishes to continue to fund the scholarship, they will need to fund it on an annual basis.

Funding Existing Endowed & Pass Through Scholarships 
Since the CCC Foundation’s creation in 1993, donors have endowed scholarships for majors such as law enforcement and nursing, and also for CCC2NAUstudents. There are also pass through scholarships like the CCC Veterans scholarship, which is funded through CCC employee donations. New donors to this scholarship can choose to increase the award for one veteran or to create additional awards for multiple veterans. These are just a few examples of the many opportunities available for corporations or organizations to fund existing scholarships.

*All criteria for scholarships is determined by the donor with input from the College’s financial aid office and the CCC Foundation.


Scholarship Awardees

CCC student Darrien Benally graduated from Coconino High School in 2014 and received three scholarships from the Coconino Community College Foundation. Darrien is a STEM enthusiast and is a strong proponent of women in STEM-related fields. She has a dream of becoming an Environmental Engineer and inspiring other young, Navajo women to pursue their dreams and invest in their futures. Darrien is driven, philanthropic, and has overcome great challenges in her life to make a better life for herself and to improve her community. She values education more than anything else and finds solace in the world of science and math.   


Greatest Needs

Greatest Needs funds are unrestricted and provide the Foundation with the flexibility to meet immediate financial challenges faced by CCC students, faculty, and staff.  Members of the college community apply directly to the Foundation for help with the cost of books, fees, and other expenses.  Unrestricted funds also allow the Foundation to leverage and administer larger donations and endowments that will benefit Coconino Community College for the future.