Name Position
Aaron Graeser Part-Time
Aaron Rizzieri Philosophy and Religion
Aaron Tabor Part-Time
Adam Gifford Economics
Adam Leighton Part-Time
Adrienne Poirier Faculty
Albert Tso Part-Time
Allison Gray
Angelic Bodie Part-Time
Anna DeSantiago Part-Time
Anna Hammerle English
Anna Wold Part-Time
Arthur Boggs Part-Time
Ashley Averett Part-Time
Audra Slusher Part-Time
Barbara Boznak Part-Time
Barbara Sheeley Part-Time
Benjamin Behunin Early Childhood and Education
Betsy Adachi Part-Time
Brad Williams Part-Time
Brandy Ferrara Part-Time
Brian Grable Part-Time
Brian Locke Part-Time
Bryan Whitney Part-Time
Carl Cooke Part-Time
Casey Gonzales Part-Time
Cecilia Weining Allied Health
Chad Davies Physics
Cheryl Meilbeck Math
Chris Fennell Part-Time
Chris Pond Part-Time
Christine Clark Friedman Part-Time
Christine Kirchner Part-Time
Christopher Young Part-Time
Corey Albert Part-Time
Corie Bangle Part-Time
Daniel Cook Part-Time
David Pischke Part-Time
David Ramos Administration of Justice
Dawn Tucker Part-Time
Deborah Branson Part-Time
Debra Cook Part-Time
Don Fethkenher Part-Time
Dorel Meier Part-Time
Doug Friedman Microbiology
Douglas Fitzpatrick Part-Time
Duane Marshall Computer Information Systems
Ed Knecht Business, Accounting
Elaine Dillingham Part-Time
Emily Morton Part-Time
Emily Shaffer Part-Time
Erin Lively Part-Time
Eva Barraza Part-Time
Fred Mida Part-Time
Genevieve Mielke Part-Time
Girija Prasad Dasmahapatra Chemistry
H. K. Mcllwaine Part-Time
Hana Maris Part-Time
Hope Barnett Part-Time
Ian Modrell Part-Time
Jacob Fischer Part-Time
Jacob Kjosa Part-Time
Jake McQuaid Part-Time
James Clark Allied Health
James Devenney Part-Time
James Rhodes Psychology
James Schroeder Part-Time
Janice Kocjan Part-Time
Janice Pulley Part-Time
Jason Lyons Part-Time
Jason Snelson Part-Time
Jeffery Roth Part-Time
Jeffrey Bierer Part-Time
Jennifer Jameson Mathematics
Jennifer Kotalik Allied Health
Jennifer Nash Part-Time
Jeremy Martin English
Jerry Kien Part-Time
Jess Maier Part-Time
Jessica Lurkins Part-Time
Jessica Taylor Part-Time
Jill Divine Part-Time
Joe Cornett Part-Time
Joe Toth Part-Time
John Espen Part-Time
John Moe Part-Time
Joseph Blakesley Part-Time
Joseph Maniglia Part-Time
Joshua Copley Part-Time
Joshua Ellsworth Part-Time
Julene Boger Part-Time
K Alynn Davis Part-Time
Karen Bertilson Part-Time
Karen Jacquez Part-Time
Karen Martinez Part-Time
Kate Kozak Mathematics
Kathleen Farretta Part-Time
Kathleen King Part-Time
Katie Schwartz Spanish
Kelly Trainor Biology
Ken Myers Construction Technology Management
Kenneth Alford Part-Time
Kent Snide Part-Time
Kevin Dobbe Part-Time
Kimberly Larsen Part-Time
Kristi Hagen Part-Time
Kurt Yuengling Geology
Larry Gould Part-Time
Lee Bryant Part-Time
Lee Vadnais Part-Time
Leopold Hartsock Part-Time
Linda Barker Sociology
Lisa Becker Part-Time
Lisa Doskocil Anthropology
Loree Cantrell-Briggs Part-Time
Lorraine Crim Part-Time
Lucy Vollbrecht Part-Time
Madilyn Marshall Mathematics
Marcus Szwankowski Mathematics
Marianne Arini Part-Time
Mark Del Giorgio Part-Time
Mary Foley Part-Time
Matthew Hernando History
Maureen Costa Part-Time
Maxie Inigo Mathematics
Maya Lanzetta Mathematics
McKenzie Bevirt Part-Time
Melanie Falcone Part-Time
Melinda McKinney Biology
Melody Rhodes Part-Time
Michael Casey Part-Time
Michael Duran Part-Time
Michael Harpst Part-Time
Michele Losee Part-Time
Michele Metcalf Psychology
Nicole Bodie Part-Time
Nicole Moots Part-Time
Nina Webb Part-Time
Padraig Houlahan Part-Time
Patrick O'Brien Part-Time
Paul Sanders Part-Time
Paulus Yalim Part-Time
Rebekah Williamson Part-Time
Regina Whitehouse Part-Time
Renee Morales Part-Time
Richard Gaughan Part-Time
Richard Nichols Part-Time
Rita Crouse Part-Time
Robert Balcells Part-Time
Robert Oberly Part-Time
Robert Woodruff Part-Time
Robin Ayers Part-Time
Roger Tenore Part-Time
Rollin Medcalf Part-Time
Ryan Richards Part-Time
Samantha Payne Part-Time
Sandra Dihlmann Lunday English
Sandra Roberts Part-Time
Sarah Benton American Sign Language
Sarah Karlson Part-Time
Sarah Rencher Computer Information Systems
Scott Campbell Part-Time
Sharie Brock Part-Time
Shawn Nittmann Part-Time
Sherri Rudd Nursing
Staci Rodarmel Part-Time
Stefan Nelson Part-Time
Stephen Franklin Part-Time
Steven Schober Part-Time
Tama Kott Part-Time
Tammy Newcomer Part-Time
Tanner Callan Part-Time
Taralynn Petrites Part-Time
Theresa Prefontaine Part-Time
Tom Lehman Biology
Torsten Palm Part-Time
Tracy Glau Part-Time
Tyler Friedman Part-Time
Tyler Yazzie Part-Time
Valerie Piet Part-Time