CCC student wants to help people “on the worst day of their lives”


Coconino Community College Student Annie Jehle preparing for Paramedic classes at the Fourth Street campus.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz.- She wants to provide care to people in need in some of the most remote areas and back country settings. 


Coconino Community College student Annie Jehle currently works as an Emergency Medical Technician and resides in Flagstaff while taking Paramedic classes at the Fourth Street campus. 


“I found that I want to expand my scope of practice and be the best patient care provider I could be in those back country and wilderness settings,” Jehle said of her decision to enroll in the Paramedicine program.


In the past she has worked as a backcountry ranger, as a preventative search and rescue ranger, and as an EMT on an ambulance. When asked what motivates her to continue her education and get her degree, Jehle said, “I think a lot of people working in EMS will tell you that they like helping people on the worst day of their lives.” 


Jehle chose CCC as the place to continue her education “because of the great outdoor recreation community here in Flagstaff,” adding that CCC offers a 14-month program that is a certificate as well as an associate degree. She also said she looked at programs around the country and chose this one because of that unique offering.


The CCC program has another advantage, according to David Manning, an EMS Education Coordinator at CCC. “In addition to teaching the foundation courses associated with EMT and Paramedic education, we also provide vital continuing education opportunities throughout the region for current EMTs and Paramedics.”


The top character traits of people who make great EMT’s and Paramedics have a desire to serve the public need for out of hospital emergency care, a willingness to put others needs ahead of theirs, and an ability to perform physically demanding and technically complex field medical treatments with little to no lead time from one incident to the next, said Manning.


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Story by Courtney Maxwell

CCC PR and Marketing Intern

Tuesday, 1st March 2022

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