Auction sheep helps CCC student cover education

Date: Tuesday, 13th September 2022

CCC student Andrea Yazzie stands with her prize-winning sheep, Jeff, who will help support her education.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - People of all ages, adorned in cowboy boots, belt buckles and jeans filled the high-commotion area of the barns at this year’s Coconino County fair. The sounds of hair buzzers and vacuums fill the hot, dusty summer air as young people parade their animals in a counter clockwise direction at the best in show event.


Coconino Community College student Andrea Yazzie is at the county fair in hopes of selling Jeff, her prized sheep. Jeff is well proportioned, buzzed down to the skin with the exception of natural wool leg warmers, which were extra fluffed and ready for show.  


“Over the summer, I sold two steers and one goat to help pay for my tuition,” Andrea said, adding that she hoped Jeff could sell for about $10 a pound at the fair auction which would go towards additional living expenses while she attends classes at CCC at the Page Center.


“This is the campus that is closest to home and because I raise livestock, it’s important to be close to home”, Andrea said.


She began her college journey this summer as a student in the new CCC Summer Bridge program, which is geared specifically for Native American students entering right out of high school. She enjoyed the experience. The program was created with the assistance of a $2.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education called the Native American-Serving Nontribal Institution grant (NASNTI). Currently, 22% of CCC students identify as Native American.


Now, she’s focused on achieving her general education requirements and hopes to pursue a career in Nursing. She said that Nursing is similar to the 4-H skills she’s developed over the last 11 years while participating in the fair.


“I’ve learned how to nurture and take care of my animals, groom and keep them healthy,” Andrea said. When asked why she named him Jeff, “It’s because it was the first name that came to mind, and I don’t want to get too attached since he will be headed to auction- letting go of my animals after auction can make me really sad” Andrea said.


And how did Jeff do? He took first in show winning a coveted blue ribbon, making him a sure bet for auction.


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- By Jessica Laessig

Community and Events Coordinator





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