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Comet Talk | Shakespeare and Gender

Registration is required for this free webinar: https://coconino.zoom.us/.../WN_onjXQbfkTuK6nx2wKz4OrA

Imagine a performance where a man is playing the role of a woman who’s pretending to be a man. Sounds like a viral Tik Tok, right?

Welcome to a Shakespeare performance in Elizabethan times.

Women may not have graced the stage during the English Renaissance, but the success of Shakespeare’s plays over many, many years have allowed for new interpretations of his work.

In this Comet Talk, Executive Director of the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival and part-time CCC faculty member Dawn Tucker will dissect and explain the role of women in theater: how their roles have changed, how they earned the right to wear pants (literally), and how modern gender expression can be explored in a play from the 1500’s.
Tuesday, April 06, 2021, 06:00pm - 07:00pm