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FA: Bookstore Voucher Available for Spring 2021

Bookstore vouchers are available, and are valid at theCCC Bookstore on the CCC Lone Tree Campus. Parking Permit vouchers areavailable at the CCC Flagstaff Lone Tree Security Office until 1/22/2021 at5pm. These vouchers are only available for students who have financial aidawarded that covers all tuition/fees for Spring 2021 and have a remainingcredit available. Students who qualify for Bookstore vouchers and Parkingvouchers will receive an email from us between 1/6/2021 and 1/22/2021. If youdo not get an email from us, you did not qualify for the vouchers and shouldcontact us at 928-226-4219 if you feel there was an error.

From Wednesday, January 06, 2021
To Friday, January 22, 2021