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True Colors: Personality Assessment
The "True Colors" Program is a creative and innovative exercise that examines personality types and provides a framework for understanding behavioral dynamics. The program delineates and analyzes: human characteristics, individual intrinsic values, the behavioral manifestations of personal attitudes and preferences, the manner in which different personalities handle conflict, and an appreciation of individual talents and abilities. The "True Colors" Program helps people to understand what their individual attitude has to do with the way they are imprinted with specific ways of thinking, understanding, valuing, conceptualizing, and learning. Once that information is understood then each person develops an appreciation of how their behavior reflects their motives, wants, aims, desires, and interactions with other people. The "True Colors" personality profile provides a context for living, and, most importantly, creates compassion and understanding for people different from ourselves.

About the Instructor:

Dr. Frances Ann Hill is a retired faculty member of NAU's School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, where she taught Hospitality Leadership and Ethics for nearly 25 years. Dr. Hill has woven a teaching tapestry that blends her philosophy of education with self-knowledge, ethics, and compassionate leadership. She has been an advocate and practitioner of teaching that touches not only students' minds, but also their hearts.

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Location Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel
235 N Grand Canyon Blvd
Williams, AZ 86046
Thursday, June 22, 2023, 03:30pm - 05:00pm