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Urban Sketching
Learn perspective and composition techniques that will allow you to create beautiful drawings of the urban world around you!

Materials not included.

Urban Sketching Suggested Class materials list

Pens and pencils

Ultimately, any pen will work - ballpoint, uniball, any fine liner, fountain pens, etc. Whatever you are most comfortable sketching with. I use Micron Pens- My favorite these days is .01 with black ink. I like them because they are waterproof and they deliver a very consistent line. Amazon or any art supply store online has them. Our local art store Visible Difference has them as well. If you are going to use Microns make sure you have more than one because they do wear down depending on how hard you press when drawing. Any pencil will work including colored pencils. I use a variety of pencils ranging in hardness from HB to 6B. It's all a matter of your personal preference. I use a Kneaded eraser because they don't smudge, but any pencil eraser will do just fine.


Ultimately, any paper works as long as you have a support you can draw on while on the go -i.e. a clipboard, a book, etc. I love the Pentalic Aqua Journal because I like to add watercolor to my drawings, but any sketchbook or pad of paper that has heavier-weight watercolor paper (200gsm or higher) is best if you are interested in adding watercolor to your sketches. If you think you'd like to add other media without water, i.e. colored pencil, crayon, or colored markers to your sketches, then any type of paper will work. Keep in mind that if you invest a little more money into the paper it will make your drawing experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

Color Supplies

This is up to you. This class will be focusing primarily on the building blocks of drawing our urban world, but if you think you would like to try adding color to your drawings there are no rules. Many urban sketchers use watercolor, colored pencils, crayons, etc. There is no end to the choices available for adding vibrant colors to your sketches. Cotman makes a Pocket Sketcher's set of watercolors that is perfect for on-the-go sketching: Watercolor Pocket Sketching Set. I use a pocket set like this when sketching.

Recommended Reading

Bookman's is a wonderful local resource for "How to" books on drawing. If you haven't already, I highly recommend perusing their Art Section. https://urbansketchers.org is a great resource for learning about what urban sketching is as well as a way to interact with the community of urban sketchers around the world. They are also on Instagram at @urbansketchers. Other books include The Urban Sketcher - Techniques for Seeing and Drawing on Location by Marc Taro Holmes, and Understanding Perspective by Stephanie Bower.

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Location Lone Tree Campus - Flagstaff
2800 S Lone Tree Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86005
Thursday, July 14, 2022, 02:30pm - 05:00pm