Fire Science: Wildfire Suppression (Certificate)

Fire Science: Wildfire Suppression


The Wildfire Suppression Certificate program is designed to introduce basic skills and to assist those who desire to gain employment as a wildland fire fighter. Included in the curriculum are cognitive and practical applications and knowledge. Students may apply a limited amount of credit hours earned in this program toward the Associate of Applied Science degree in Fire Science.


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 Minimum Credits Required: 24


Certificate Information

What courses will I need to take?

Certificate Requirements (24 credits)


Course Title


EMS 131

Emergency Medical Technician


FSC 138

Hazardous Materials Awareness/Operations


FSC 233

Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior/Fire Fighter, and Human Factors in the Wildland (S-130, S-190, L-180, I-100, IS 700).


FSC 243

Wildland Fire Chain Saws (S-212)


FSC 253

Wildland Fire Observation and Origin Scene Protection, Portable Pumps and Water Use, Basic Air Operations (FI-110, S-211, S-270)