Student Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

Payment FAQ

What is my balance?

Students can contact Student Accounts at 928-226-4237 to find out their balance or they can view their balance by logging into their myCCC account.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, log into your myCCC account and select “Pay Your Bill”. You can pay online for free by using an e-check. Online credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% convenience fee. E-checks create automatic deductions from your bank account based on your bank routing and account numbers

Is there a fee for paying with a credit card?

There is a non-refundable fee of 2.75% for paying with a credit card. This fee is assessed by the payment processor and does not go to CCC. The college offers the following in-person no-fee payment options: debit, check and cash.

What do I do if a third party or my employer is paying my tuition?

If a third party or your employer will be paying your tuition, please complete the Third Party Billable Authorization Form with all signatures and return it to Student Accounts BEFORE the payment deadline to avoid classes being dropped for non-payment. A new form is required for each semester that a third party will be paying your tuition. The form can also be submitted to Student Accounts via our secure upload .

If I have a 529 college savings plan, can you hold my classes?

Please contact Student Accounts at 928-226-4237 to discuss what account options may be available.

Payment Plans

How do I sign up for a payment plan, what is the cost and are payments automatically deducted?

Students can log into their myCCC account and select “Pay Your Bill”. Next you would select  "Pay Your Bill or Setup a Fall Payment Plan”. The payment plan enrollment cost is $35 which is non-refundable. It is highly recommended that you choose automatic payments when enrolling in the payment plan to avoid future missed payments.

Can I use cash to set up my payment plan?

Cash is not allowed for enrolling in the payment plan but electronic checks (direct bank account debits) or credit cards can be used. There is a 2.75% non-refundable service fee when using a credit or debit card for the payment plan

Do I have to set-up a payment plan if I am trying to get Financial Aid?

Registration is not complete without arrangement for full payment, which means classes could be removed from your schedule before financial aid is awarded. The Payment Deadline and Class Removal Schedule for the current term can be found on the Student Accounts page .

Does my payment plan automatically stop when I get accepted for Financial Aid?

A payment plan does not automatically stop upon receipt of a positive Financial Aid hold. Once a financial aid hold has been placed on a student’s account, the student can contact Student Accounts at 928-226-4237 and request to have their payment plan stopped. If a student makes payments through the payment plan, any financial aid disbursed to the account in excess of remaining tuition and fee balances will be refunded to the student. A payment plan must be ended at least 3 days prior to the next scheduled payment plan date in order for the next payment to not be pulled.


How do I get refunded if I have unenrolled from a class or the class was cancelled?

Refunds for classes removed from your schedule before the refund period and cancelled classes are processed automatically via direct deposit or check.

How can I get a refund after the 100% deadline?

If you have unenrolled from a class after the refund period and would like to request a full refund, complete the refund request form found at the bottom of the Student Accounts page . Return the form to Student Accounts or email it to cashier Supporting documentation must be included when returning the form. Per CCC policy, a refund may be considered due to serious illness, death of spouse, parent, child, or military service, and may be prorated.

Account Holds/Freeze

Can I register or have a hold removed if I pay a small amount of my past due balance?

All past due balances must be paid in full in order for a hold to be released. Please contact Student Accounts at 928-226-4237 to get more information on a past due balance.

I am unable to register, how do I get the hold removed?

Please contact Student Accounts at 928-226-4237 to get more information on account holds.

If I don’t pay my tuition, what happens?  Can my AZ state tax refund be garnished?

If tuition is not paid on a timely basis, we will attempt to contact you several times regarding your past due balance. Once your debt has been outstanding for approximately 90 days your account will be sent to a collection agency and they will take over attempts to collect any tuition and fees owed. If your account is sent to collections, you could incur a collection fee up to 33.33% of the original principal balance. Any collection fees are in addition to the principal, fees and interest due on your account. In addition, your account may also be sent to the Arizona Department of Revenue Debt Set-off Program. This program allows CCC to collect debt owed by you from possible state tax refunds owed to you. The collection agencies and the state may pursue collection concurrently. You could also be responsible for any court and/or reasonable attorneys’ fees resulting from the enforcement of payment.

How do I contact the CCC collections Agency?

The collection agency sends a letter or will contact student by phone. CCC uses multiple collections agencies, so placement and thus contact may vary. Students can contact Student Accounts at 928-226-4237 to get more information on their account.

Payment Arrangement and Course Removal (Unenrollment)

What does it mean to be unenrolled from a class, dropped from a class or have a class removed from my schedule?

Coconino Community College uses the terms “drop” and “unenrollment” interchangeably to represent courses being removed from a student schedule. This may occur by either student or College action. CCC removes students from courses if they do not have payment arrangement by the advertised class removal dates. This is also known as the schedule of payment arrangement deadlines for a particular term. Student payment arrangement status may change after an advertised class removal date, so the responsibility for removing classes you do not plan to attend lies with the student.

Why were my classes removed from my schedule? How do I get my classes back after being unenrolled?

Classes may be removed from a student schedule for non-payment. The Payment Deadline and Class Removal Schedule by term for non-payment can be found on the Student Accounts page . Please contact Student Accounts at 928- 226-4237 for more information on removed classes.

Why do I have to drop my classes if the school has automatic class removal?

There is no guarantee that you will be removed from classes simply based on failure to make payment arrangements. When a student determines they do not plan to take a class, it is the student’s responsibility to remove the class from their schedule, otherwise they will be charged full tuition for the class.

Parking Permits & Bus Passes

Where/how do I get a bus pass?

Mountain Line is currently not charging students to ride the bus, however, once it becomes necessary to get a bus pass they will be available at the Security Desk at both the Lone Tree and Fourth Street campuses.  In order to be issued a pass, students will need a CCC ID and will need to complete the application form.  Those students that aren’t eligible for a free bus pass will be charged $35.  Passes received will be valid through June 30, 2022 as long as the student continues to be enrolled in classes at CCC.

How much are the parking permits and where do I go to purchase one?

Full Year (Fall, Spring, and Summer) Spring & Summer Only Summer Only
$60.00 $40.00 $20.00


Students who are taking in person classes at the Lone Tree or 4th Street campuses or will be using the computer lab must purchase a pass for each vehicle they are driving on campus.  We encourage students to purchase their parking pass online by logging into your MyCCC account, click Pay Your Bill and then click on Transact Payments.  If necessary, you can purchase a parking pass in person at the Student Accounts counter.  Students should be prepared to fill out vehicle information, including license plate number, before receiving a permit.


Parking Permit Request Form

Why can’t I get a parking permit just for Fall?

CCC parking permits are based on the academic year only.

Can I get a parking permit and transfer it between vehicles?

CCC does not offer transferable permits but students may purchase more than one permit if needed for multiple vehicles.

Schedules & Class locations

How do I read my class schedule? Where are my class rooms?

Classes are listed on the schedule by the day and time of week they occur. The schedule states the campus and room location of class. If on Lone Tree Campus (LT), class rooms numbered 100 - 199 are on the north side of campus near the ITS Help Desk/Computer Lab, and classrooms numbered 300 - 699 are on the south side of campus. There is a key at the bottom of the schedule to help determine the meeting days. If you have any questions or need assistance, please ask a Student Account representative or any CCC employee.