Security Department

Welcome Students!

The Security Department would like to help you to make your experience here at CCC a safe and positive one. 


Please familiarize yourself with the requirements and security information on our site.  We have  maps  (printable and downloadable) of the campus,  links to help you under Security General Information as well as "FAQ's" to answer some of your general questions,  if you do not find your answer there please come to our counter and we will assist you.

In an ongoing effort to increase efficiency, Security will be using email addresses for correspondence. You can update your email at Student Registration.

For campus hours as well as campus maps, please visit our  Contact Us  page.


Welcome New Students

The Security Department would like to help you to make your experience here at CCC a safe and positive one. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come to the Security Counter or email us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please Familiarize yourself with the requirements and security information on our site.

 CCC Alert & Emergency Notifications

If you would like to be notified of any CCC emergency, you can sign up for CCC Alert  from the convenience of your home.  If you do not have computer access you can stop by security at either campus and we will assist you with signing up,

What is the CCC Alert?  Coconino Community Colleges Emergency Notification System

Snow Day, Late start classes, Emergency? Find out before you leave home.
Alerts will be sent via text message to your cell phone and your registered email.

This service is totally voluntary but highly recommended and will only be used to notify you of an event of imminent danger, or an extreme safety concern resulting in a closure on one of our CCC campuses.  (i.e. late start, snow day)


CCC ALERT will be tested on a periodic basis using text messages clearly marked as test messages. Phone numbers used for CCC Alerts will not be given out or used for any purpose other than the CCC ALERT
CCC Alert Sign Up .   If you are interested in signing up for this free service, or just adding or changing a phone number but do not drive to campus,  you can accomplish this online by accessing CCC Alert Sign Up Information .  Stop by Security if you need further assistance.



NAU Alerts



Reporting a Crime or Suspicious Activity

If you witness a crime or you are involved in an incident that you feel is a crime, immediately call 911.

If you see something that concerns you or makes you feel uncomfortable you can contact Security:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can call Security during the established business hours

  • Lone Tree campus - 928-226-4304
  • Fourth Street campus - 928-526-7611
  • Page Instructional Site - 928-645-6681

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to stop by the Security Counter or email us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

This information is kept confidential but it will be reviewed by the Chief of College Security to determine whether it will be investigated at the college level or referred to the local authorities for investigation.

Coconino Community College also has CSA's (Campus Security Authorities) throughout the college, you can report concerns to them as well. They will document your concerns which will be addressed by the Chief of College Security.

Parking Permits Information

The way CCC is issuing Parking Permits is changing to make the process easier for students and employees to obtain a parking permit.

Parking permits may be purchased on line by using the myCCC Portal. View our  information guide for more instructions. After purchasing your permit, bring the email receipt to security and they will use that information to enter your information into the Vehicle Registration Program and issue you a permit. 

If you wish to pay at the campus,  there is a new process where you will fill out the Jot Form online, once completed you will then go to the Student Accounts to pay for your permit.  They cannot process your permit application until you have completed the form.


Employees wanting the Free Employee Permit will use the Jot Form ,  If you want a second permit you must go to the Student Accounts to pay.

  • Parking Permits are required to park on the Lone Tree and Fourth Street campuses.
  • Parking citations are issued to all vehicles without a current parking permit properly displayed.
  • Visit our  Parking & Pricing Information  page for further information.

 Hours of Parking Enforcement Procedures 121-13


Parking Permits placement & design  have changed. Don't get a citation because you have your permit in the wrong location. 
Be sure to clean the permit location before attaching the permit to your window. 

Replacement permit cost is $5.

Parking Concerns

We have had a drastic increase in some vehicles parking outside of the established parking lines.  Other vehicles arrive and then park illegally because they are not between the established white lines.  If you pull into a parking stall and are not able to park between two white lines or a curb on one side and a white line on another side,  move to a spot where you can park legally, otherwise you are at risk for a citation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please come in and speak with the Security Staff at the counter. 
Please keep in mind that how you park may affect other vehicles being able to park legally.


During the winter months when there is snow, or the forecast of snow,  vehicles cannot be left in the CCC parking lot overnight (CCC Policy 121-13, 2, 9 c). 
It is unsafe to leave your vehicle overnight due to the heavy equipment used for snow removal.  If there is an emergency concern please see security first.

Overflow Parking:  if you cannot find a parking spot in the general parking lot,  we have parking overflow on the east end of the employee parking lot.  Vehicles parking on curbs, driveways or islands in the parking lot create an unsafe parking situation and will be cited.

Overflow Parking Map

Citation Steps & Information

You Received a Citation, now what?

Citations are paid at the Student Accounts on the Lone Tree campus or at the Registration counter on the Fourth Street campus.

Citations may be appealed but you have only 14 days from the date the citation was issued to submit your appeal. 
Please visit our  Security Forms & Appeal Information  page for more information. 

Citations are only appealed online.  If you do not have this capability, stop by Security for further assistance.

Service Animals

Frequently asked questions about service animals
Americans with Disability Act definition of service animals
Coconino Community College Policy on Service Animals

Mountain Line Bus Pass

All recipients of a bus pass must complete the online bus pass application .

The Mountain Line Pass is available free of charge to those Coconino Community College enrolled students who have the most need as determined by Financial Aid. Other students and employees may purchase an annual pass for $35 as available. There are a limited number of passes at this price.


You can also find up to date information on the following link:  Bus Pass Information page .


Riders can download the  Mountain Line Bus App for your Apple or Android devices.

Smoke Free Arizona Act

Coconino Community College complies with the Smoke Free Arizona Act ( A.R.S. § 36-601.01 ).

CCC is a smoke free campus, this includes electronic cigarettes.  Please read the CCC Policy 107-01 2. 1. b  governing this if you have any questions or concerns.

Storm Ready

Coconino Community College is now a part of the StormReady community. Find out more about this program at StormReady.


Coconino Community College offers the CARE program to help report and identify students or employees that may be having behavioral concerns.

For more information view the CARE page .

Flagstaff Local Resources

Flagstaff also offers a resource Guide of local resources to assist individuals.
Flagstaff Resource Guide

Daily Crime Log, Annual Security Report

Coconino Community Colleges Crime Report is published and available online below. If you would like a copy, stop by the Security Office at the Fourth Street campus or the Lone Tree campus.

Campus Annual Security Crime Report 2021 (printable copy)

The History behind the Jeanne Clery Act

Daily Crime Log

Other Information

If requested to show an ID,  you must comply pursuant to:   503-01, 2.2.G  Student Code of Conduct

An individual shall not obstruct or resist any College official, employee, or College Security officer or Public Safety Officer in the performance of his or her duty. An individual shall not furnish false information including false identification, misuse or forgery of College records, false documents or identification.


Lost & Found can be found at the Security Office



Please share the road with our bicycling community. Many people ride bikes to save on costs. So, if you drive, please be watchful and "Share the Road."

Bicycles can only be secured in the designated bicycle rack. They are not allowed inside the buildings or any other area.  You can be cited for unauthorized parking of your bicycle.

Security does not supply locks. Be sure to bring a lock and lock your bicycle up in the designated  bike racks.


Skateboards can now be secured by the bike rack. You will need your own padlock.


Campus Closures will be posted on the main CCC web page, or you can call 928-527-1222 for updates.
If you have signed up for CCC Alert y ou will receive a text message with current closures.



Don't get Scammed

Coconino Community College will make a proactive effort to try and keep all students and employees informed of potential scams.
If you are a CCC student or employee and you think you may have received a possible scam, get in contact with the college IT department, do not open any attachments from any suspected email.

Here are a few examples of current scam concerns.

Federal Trade Commission Covid-19 Scam Advisory
Freedom to Breathe Cards Example (Fraudulant Card)
Gift Card
Direct Deposit (DD)
Social Engineering Red Flags
Avoid Student Loan Scams
Top 3 Student Loan Scams for 2019

Contact Security

You can contact Security with questions or concerns at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A printed copy of the Annual Campus Security Report and Summary are available from Campus Security upon request by calling 928-226-4304  or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.