Policies and Procedures

Policy Number Topic
1-99 District Governing Board
100-199 Administrative/General Institutional
200-299 Fiscal
300-399 Instruction
400-499 Human Resources
500-599 Student Services

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District Governing Board


College Direction

1 Vision, Mission, Valuing People: Diversity Statement; and Guiding Principles  Policy  
2-4 Combined with   Policy 1 (was Vision, Purpose, and Core Values)    
5 Governance  Policy  Procedure



Board Operations, Structure, Responsibilities

20 Legal Structure  Policy  
21 Code of Ethics  Policy  
22 Roles/Responsibilities  Policy  
23 Conflict of Interest  Policy  
24 Officers and Selection  Policy  
25 Policy Development/Approval  Policy  
26 Naming of College Facilities and Programs  Policy  Procedure
27 Emeritus Status  Policy  



28 Legal Advice  Policy  
29 Administrative Support  Policy  



30  Meeting Calendar/Public Notice  Policy  
31 Agenda Building  Policy  Procedure
32 Board Member Attendance Options  Policy  
33 Quorum  Policy  
34 Public Comment  Policy  
35 Discussion/Voting  Policy  
36 Self-Assessment/Annual Goals  Policy  



37 Media  Policy  
38 Inquiries to Board Members  Policy  



39 Travel  Policy  
40 Insurance for District Governing Board Members  Policy  



41 Annual District Governing Board Self-Evaluation  Policy  Procedure
42 Annual Evaluation of the President  Policy  Procedure


Delegation to the President

70 Strategic Planning  Policy  Procedure
71 President Emergency Succession Plan  Policy  


Board Education

90 New Member Orientation  Policy  
91 Professional Development  Policy     
92 Retreat  Policy  


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Administrative/General Institutional

102 Equal Employment Opportunity  Policy  Procedure
103 Affirmative Action  Policy  Procedure
104 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  Policy  
104-01 ADA Employee Accommodation    Procedure
104-02 Disability Resources     Procedure
105 Sexual Harassment and Misconduct  Policy  Procedure
105-02 Consensual Amorous Relationships    Procedure
106 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace  Policy  Procedure
106-02 Drug and Alcohol Screening for Nursing Students    Procedure
107 Smoking  Policy  Procedure
108 Volunteers  Policy  Procedure
109 Workplace Discrimination and Harassment  Policy  Procedure
120 Use of Facilities       Policy  Procedure
120-02 Petition Signature Solicitation    Procedure
120-03 Commercial Solicitation and Information Tables    Procedure
120-04 Public Access and Freedom of Expression    Procedure     
120-05 Control of College Facilities and Property    Procedure
120-06 Space Management and Allocation    Procedure
121 Safety and Security  Policy  
121-01 Campus Law Enforcement and Reporting Criminal Actions and Emergencies    Procedure
121-02 Timely Warning    Procedure
121-03 Security and Access to College Facilities    Procedure
121-04 Sex Offenses   Procedure
121-05 Alcohol, Illegal Drugs and Weapon Offenses    Procedure    
121-06 Criminal and Statistical Offense    Procedure
121-07 Campus Crime Statistic and Security Policies Notification and Disclosure     Procedure    
121-10 Emergency Operation Plan (EOP)    Procedure
121-12 College Vehicles    Procedure
121-13 Parking and Vehicular Traffic    Procedure
121-14 Animals on Campus    Procedure
121-15 Convicted/Registered Sex Offender Campus Notification    Procedure    
121-16 Prevention of Workplace Violence    Procedure
121-17 College Identification Cards    Procedure
121-18 Suspended (was COVID-19 Vaccination Employee Health and Safety Requirement Procedure)
122 Environmental Health and Safety  Policy  Procedure
122-02 Lockout/Tagout     Procedure
122-03 Personal Protective Equipment    Procedure
122-04 Hazardous Materials Communication    Procedure
122-05 Chemical Hygiene    Procedure
122-06 Asbestos Management     Procedure
122-07 Energy Conservation    Procedure
123 Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy Procedure
140 Acceptable Use of Technology  Policy  Procedure
140-02 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing    Procedure
140-03 Cellular Phones    Procedure
140-04 Telephone Acceptable Use    Procedure
140-05 Screen Lock     Procedure
140-06 Password Complexity and Expiration    Procedure
140-07 Technology Tuition Allocation    Procedure
140-08 MiFi Devices    Procedure
140-09 Electronic Mail (email)    Procedure
140-10 Account Expiration Procedure    Procedure
141 Website  Policy  Procedure
142 Copyright Law Compliance  Policy  Procedure
150 Public Relations  Policy  Procedure
150-02 Distinguished Service Award     Procedure
160 Records Retention  Policy  Procedure
160-02     Public Records Request    Procedure


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201 Travel  Policy  Procedure
202 Purchasing  Policy  Procedure
202-02 Food and Beverage at College Sponsored Events    Procedure
202-03 College Procurement Card    Procedure
202-04 Purchasing Authorization                Procedure
202-05 Requisitions and Purchase Orders    Procedure
202-06 Contracts, Agreements, and Intergovernmental Agreements    Procedure
202-07 Requests for Bids, Requests for Proposals, and Requests for Information    Procedure
202-08 Independent Contractors and Entertainers    Procedure
202-09 Sole Source and Emergency Procurement    Procedure
202-10 Vendor Performance, Suspension, Debarment    Procedure
202-11 Surplus    Procedure
202-12 Work Clothing    Procedure
202-13 Purchase and Distribution of Gift Cards    Procedure
205 Budget Development  Policy  
205-01 Fund Balance    Procedure
205-02 Budget    Procedure
205-03 Budget Control and Monitoring    Procedure
205-04 Budgeting for New Programs and Services    Procedure
205-05 Long-Term Financial Forecasting    Procedure
206 Grants  Policy  
206-01 Grant Application    Procedure
206-02 Grant Management    Procedure
206-03 Deleted (formerly Grants Record Management and Compliance)
206-04 Deleted (formerly Grants Matching Cost)    
206-05 Time and Effort Requirements for Federal Grants        Procedure
206-06   Grant Closeout    Procedure
207 Accounting  Policy  
207-01    Payroll    Procedure
207-02 Accounts Payable    Procedure
207-03 Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting    Procedure
207-04 Reporting Dishonest or Fraudulent Conduct    Procedure
207-05 Capital Assets    Procedure
207-06 Custodial Risk    Procedure
208 Cash Management  Policy  
208-01 Tuition Refund     Procedure
208-02 Tuition and Fee Payment   Procedure
208-03 Partial Payment of Classes    Procedure
208-04 Collections    Procedure
208-05 Cash Handling   Procedure
208-06 Investment Management    Procedure
209 Identity Theft Prevention  Policy  Procedure
209-02 Data Breach Notification    Procedure
210 Issuance and Post-Issuance Compliance Relating to Tax-Exempt Bonds and Other Tax-Exempt Financings  Policy  Procedure


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300    Academic Processes  Policy  
301 Curriculum Development  Policy  Procedure
301-02 Instructional Materials    Procedure
301-03 Assignment of Credit Hours    Procedure
302 Assessment of Student Learning  Policy Procedure
302-01 Renumbered to   311-01  Research Integrity 02/21/18
302-02 Renumbered to   311-02  Human Participants 02/21/18
303 Academic Standards      Policy  Procedure
303-02 Attendance    Procedure
303-03 Class Syllabus     Procedure
303-04 Final Examination    Procedure
303-05 Grading    Procedure
303-06 Academic Appeals    Procedure
303-07 Deleted 03/30/2021 (was Continuing Education Units)
303-08 Deleted 04/13/2021 (was Community and Corporate Learning)
303-09 Renumbered to   501-12 Repeating Courses
303-10 Deleted 01/12/2021 (was Special Courses)
303-11 Academic Integrity    Procedure
303-12 Academic Progress    Procedure
303-13 Combined with 303-14 and renumbered to   501-16  Awarding of Degrees and Certificates (was Graduation) 10/12/20
303-14 Combined with 303-13  and renumbered to   501-16  Awarding of Degrees and Certificates (was Awarding a Second Degree) 10/12/20
303-15 Credit for Prior Learning    Procedure
303-16 Academic Internships    Procedure
303-17 Renumbered to   304-01  Online Learning Compliance 10/17/17
303-18     Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom    Procedure
304     Online Learning  Policy  
304-01 Online Learning Compliance    Procedure
305 Intellectual Property  Policy  Procedure
306 Faculty Recognition and Professional Development  Policy  
306-01 Faculty of the Year Award    Procedure
306-02 Faculty Sabbatical Leave     Procedure  
307 Full-Time Faculty Evaluation   Policy  Procedure
308 Instructional Eligibility and Loading  Policy  
308-01 Renumbered to   310-01 Faculty Credentialing
308-02 Instructional Load    Procedure
308-03 Deleted 03/30/2021 (was Course Loading)    
308-04 Substitute Teaching    Procedure
309 Academic Freedom  Policy  
310-01 Faculty Credentialing Policy  Procedure
311 Research Policy  
311-01 Research Integrity    Procedure
311-02 Human Participants   Procedure
312-00     Academic Committees  Policy  

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Human Resources

Compliance information on medical benefits for eligible employees.

Compliance Information on Medical Benefits for New Hires, Newly Eligible Persons, and Open Enrollment


102 Equal Employment Opportunity  Policy  Procedure
103 Affirmative Action  Policy  Procedure
104 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  Policy  
104-01 ADA Employee Accommodation    Procedure
104-02 Disability Resources     Procedure
105 Sexual Harassment and Misconduct  Policy  Procedure
105-02 Consensual Amorous Relationships    Procedure
106 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace  Policy  Procedure
106-02 Drug and Alcohol Screening for Nursing Students    Procedure
107 Smoking  Policy  Procedure
108 Volunteers  Policy  Procedure
109 Workplace Discrimination and Harassment  Policy  Procedure
123 Title IX Sexual Harassment     Policy      Procedure
400  General Disclaimer  Policy    
400-01 Introduction Procedure    Procedure
410 Employee Leaves and Holidays  Policy  
410-02 Holiday    Procedure
410-03 Vacation Leave    Procedure
410-04 Sick Leave    Procedure
410-05 Worker's Compensation Leave     Procedure
410-06 Bereavement     Procedure
410-07 Jury Duty    Procedure
410-08     Deleted (formerly Earned Paid Sick Time for Part-Time Employees)
410-09 Military Leave    Procedure
410-10 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)    Procedure     
410-11 Absence Without Pay      Procedure
410-12 Extended Personal Leave without Pay     Procedure
410-13 Voting Leave    Procedure
410-14 Emergency College Closure Pay    Procedure
410-16 Renumbered to   306-02 Faculty Sabbatical Leave
410-17 Donated Leave    Procedure
410-19 Employee Volunteer and Education Leave    Procedure
420 Employee Benefits  Policy  
420-01 Tuition Educational Assistance    Procedure
420-02 Renumbered to   40-00 Benefits for District Governing Board Members
420-03 Deleted (was HIPAA Privacy)
420-04 COBRA Continuation of Benefits    Procedure
420-05 Retirement Programs    Procedure
420-06 Medical Benefits     Procedure
420-07 Domestic Partnership    Procedure
430 Job Standards  Policy  
430-01 Code of Conduct    Procedure
430-02 Conflict of Interest    Procedure
430-03 Political Activity    Procedure
430-04 Whistleblower     Procedure
430-05 Complaints and Garnishments    Procedure
430-06 Agile Work Plan   Procedure
443 Employment of College Personnel  Policy  
443-01 Employment Type, Category and Requirements   Procedure
443-02 Combined with 443-01 (was Employment Requirements)
443-03 Employment of Relatives    Procedure
443-04 Deleted (was Special Assignment)    
443-05 Recruiting and Hiring    Procedure
443-06 Reimbursement of Interview Expenses    Procedure
443-07 Probationary Period    Procedure
443-08 Public Access to Personnel Records    Procedure
443-09 Renumbered to 307-01 Full-Time Faculty Evaluation
443-10 Performance Evaluations for Staff    Procedure
444 Classification and Compensation  Policy  
444-01 Deleted (formerly Classification)    
444-02 Compensation    Procedure
444-03 On-Call and Callback Compensation    Procedure
444-04 Deleted (was Special Assignment)
444-05 Work Week and Hours Worked and Overtime    Procedure
444-06 Deleted (formerly Flexible Work Schedules and renamed Agile Workplace 430-06)    
444-07 Secondary Positions    Procedure
444-08 Reporting Hourly Work in a Lump Sum    Procedure
450 Employee Relations  Policy  
450-01 Disciplinary Action    Procedure
450-02 Terminations and Non-Renewal of Appointment    Procedure
450-03 Complaint and Grievance Resolution      Procedure
450-04 Reduction in Force    Procedure
450-05 Appeal    Procedure
450-06 Furlough    Procedure
450-07 Constructive Discharge    Procedure
480     Internships  Policy  
480-01 Interns    Procedure
490 Professional Development  Policy  
490-01 Professional Development Program    Procedure
490-02 Staff Recognition Award    Procedure

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Student Services

The CARES Act provided emergency funding to CCC students starting in May 2020.   For additional details on those funds and how they are administered, please see the  CARES Act Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students temporary procedure. 

123 Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy Procedure
501 Registration and Enrollment Services  Policy  
501-01 Admission Requirements    Procedure
501-02 Residency Requirements    Procedure
501-03 Registration Deadlines (formerly Registration Information)   Procedure
501-04 Prerequisites and Placement    Procedure
501-05 Determination of Catalog Year     Procedure
501-06 Student Classification and Standing    Procedure
501-07 Transfer and Evaluation of Credit to the College    Procedure
501-08 Deleted (formerly Transfer Credit to the College)
501-09 Transfer of Credit to Other Institutions    Procedure
501-10 Reverse Transfer of Credit    Procedure
501-11 Withdrawal    Procedure
501-12 Repeating Courses    Procedure
501-13 Student Leave of Absence     Procedure
501-14 Computing Grade Point Average     Procedure
501-15    Transfer of Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) to the College and Awarding of AGEC Stamp of Certificate    Procedure
501-16 Awarding of Degrees and Certificates    Procedure
502 Student Records  Policy  Procedure
503 Code of Student Conduct  Policy  Procedure
503-02 Deleted (formerly Student Discipline)    
503-03 Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom - Renumbered to   303-18 04/28/21    
503-04 Campus Assessment Response and Education (CARE) Team    Procedure
503-05 Student Complaint    Procedure
504 &
Institutional Record of Student Complaints (deleted Procedure - 10/16/2020 and Policy - 11/18/2020)
520 Financial Aid  Policy  
520-10 Financial Aid Overview    Procedure
520-20 Financial Aid Institutional Awards     Procedure
520-30 Financial Aid Tuition Deferment    Procedure
520-40 Financial Aid Program Fundability Procedure    Procedure
520-50 Financial Aid Outside Resources    Procedure
520-60 Title IV and Higher Education Act    Procedure
520-70 Financial Aid for Veterans     Procedure
520-75 Military Activation of Reservists    Procedure
520-80 Financial Aid Fraud, Waste and Abuse    Procedure

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