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CCC's Pathway program is designed to help you navigate your educational journey by helping you explore your interests. Think of a pathway as a map to get you where you want to go, whether your destination is a university or the workforce.  

Coconino Community College Pathways are aligned with our degrees and certificates to help simplify and streamline your course selection based on your interest and goals. As your interests and goals develop, Pathways are designed to accommodate those changes. Advisors will work with you to create personalized maps for your particular journey.


Different students, different paths

There are two ways to find your path at CCC: explore by your interests or explore by your end goal, whether that's attending a four-year institution or moving in the workplace. 


Explore degrees and certificate paths by areas of interest


Explore your class and program options by looking at your end goal: CCC2University or CCC2Work


Transfer to University

A CCC2University Pathway is designed to prepare graduates for further coursework at a university.
For example, a transfer pathway in CIS can lead to degrees in areas such as Computer Information Systems, Cybersecurity, and Graphic Information Technology.


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Get to Work

A CCC2Work Pathway is designed to lead graduates into employment.
For example, a workforce pathway in CIS can lead to careers in IT such as Desktop Support and Network and Systems Administration.


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Not sure which Pathway is right for you? Make an appointment with an advisor.


Learn more about how CCC Pathways can help you streamline your education

What is a Pathway and why am I required to choose one?

A Pathway is a map to get you where you want to go, navigation to get to your goals, whether they be transfer or workforce. Pathways are designed to ensure that if you choose a different Pathway that you will maintain most of your earned credits.

How do I choose a Pathway?

With your own interests and skills in mind, look at the separate areas of interest and click on each of the seven that may be a good fit for you.  On the landing pages for each area of interest, you will find a general overview of where each Pathway may lead.

Additionally, check out the Arizona Career Information System . This system is a comprehensive career and educational guidance system that provides information and exploration tools at a glance.

What doesn't my degree have a list of how I take my courses?

Many of the CCC degrees are undergoing a review, and sequences are being constructed throughout the Fall 2019 semester and will be launched during the Spring 2020 semester.

How will my Dual Enrollment and CAVIAT classes affect my Course Sequence?

Dual Enrollment and CAVIAT credits may accelerate degree completion time depending on a chosen pathway.

Work with an advisor to ensure completion of your pathway in a timely manner. 


If you are interested in exploring our continuing education program for lifelong learning, including classes, community events, and educational talks, please visit our Community Education pages.