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Construction Trades is a pathway for students interested in a combination of physical work and academic excellence.  Degrees in this area focus on providing opportunities to build practical skills in the contruction field overall, in sustainable building, or environmental technologies involving wind and sun energies.  


CCC Workforce Degrees


Sustainable Green Building

Sustainable Green Building (CERT)


Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology (AAS)
Environmental Technology (CERT)


AAS degrees and certficates are intended to prepare students for employment.

CCC Transfer Degrees


General Studies: Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts (AA)



Examples of University Transfer Majors

  • Construction Management


AA degrees and certificates emphasize in humanities/social sciences, including a foreign language.


General Studies: Associate of Sciences

Associate of Science (AS)


Examples of University Transfer Majors

  • Construction Management
  • Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Engineering)
  • Project Management


AS degrees and certificates emphasize in math/science


Careers and Median Salaries (*Arizona | **National)


Construction Technology

Possible Careers:


Sustainable Green Building

Possible Careers:


Environmental Technology

Possible Careers:

*Arizona median salaries are obtained from the Arizona Career Information System (AZCIS).  Navigate to the career choice by OCCUPATIONS (Hover)/Career Clusters/Titles Index/Desired Career.
**National median salaries are obtained from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) under sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA).


Faculty & Student Testimonials

Construction Trades Faculty


David Cain

Construction Management
P: 928-526-5434

Office:  4th Street - B7
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Ken Myers

Construction Technology Management
P: 928-526-7696

Office:  4th Street - B7
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