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Parking Policies and Procedures


Map of Parking Area for Lone Tree Campus

Map of Parking Area for Fourth St Campus

Parking Permit Location


All vehicles parked on the Lone Tree Campus or the 4th ST Campus must have a current CCC parking permit.
You can purchase your permit at the cashiers (8am to 5pm) but will have to bring your receipt and completed form to the Security counter to be issued your permit.(Lone Tree Campus 7am to 10pm Monday - Friday) (4th St Campus 7am to 10pm Monday - Thursday)

We do not look up previous years vehicle information, be sure to bring it with you.

Purchasing a permit is the first step, it must be attached to your vehicle in the proper location for it to be valid.

We offer pro-rated General Parking Permits.  (each semester after fall drops in price)


2016-2017 Academic Year Parking Permits


These permits will be available for purchase around the end of July 2016


Fall Semester:

  • Single Permit: good from September 2016 to August 2017 - $51.00
  • Employee Permit: good from September 2016 to August 2017 -$10.00

Spring Semester:

  • Single Permit: good from January 2017 to August 2017 - $34.00

Summer Semester:

  • Single Permit: good from May 2017 to August 2017 - $17.00

Replacement Permits:

  • Replacement Permit: - $5.00

 Note:   CCC no longer offers the transferable parking permit.


(all other related Parking Fees are listed in the student schedule)




Parking permits are required at all CCC Flagstaff Campuses.

To promote the safe and orderly parking of vehicles and bicycles within the boundaries of Coconino Community College campuses, and for the safe and orderly movement of traffic therein, moving violations and parking regulations are enforced. These procedures are primarily to ensure an orderly and fair allocation and use of available space for our customer, the student.

A copy of CCC’s Parking and Vehicular Traffic Procedure, #121-13 can be obtained by going to CCC's web page at
Lack of knowledge of these procedures will not be accepted as grounds for citation dismissal. If you have questions, please contact College Security.

Hours of control:

  • Parking permits and regulations for both Flagstaff Campuses are in effect and enforced twenty-four (24) hours a day, 7 days a week..
  • Permits are issued for a single academic year. The academic year is defined as the beginning of classes in August until the beginning of classes the next August.



  • No Permit Displayed: $45
  • Improper Lot for Permit Type: $35
  • Permitted Vehicle in Visitor Parking: $35
  • Exceeding 30 Minute Visitors Only: $20
  • Moving Traffic Violations: $65
  • Parking Outside Stall Lines: $20
  • Unauthorized Parking Area: $35
  • Plate & Permit Don't Match: $35
  • Parking in Handicapped Space; $100
  • Parking in a Fire Lane; $100


Vehicles that are illegally parked in a loading zone, fire lane or handicapped space may be ticketed up to two (2) times during each 24-hour period and/or immobilized or towed.

Impoundment and towing fees may be assessed in addition to the fines.

Vehicles may be booted to identify the owner of an unregistered vehicle.

Booted (immobilized vehicles) that do not have a permit will be required to purchase a permit before the boot will be removed.

Any unpaid parking or traffic fine(s) will result in a hold being placed on the student’s account.
Completed appeals must be filed with College Security within 14 calendar days of the citation date. Incomplete appeals will not be considered. Appeals cannot be faxed in to Security, they can be completed online  on the Security Website,  if you cannot do this,  see Security in person for assiatance.  It is your responsibility to appeal the citation within the established time.


Permit holders are responsible for the security of their permits. If the permit is stolen, a police report must be filed with the police department. The police case report number must then be submitted to CCC with a memo reporting the incident; the memo must contain the individual’s name, address and CCC identification number. The permit holder will continue to be held responsible for all citations and fines that are incurred after the loss or theft, until the permit holder files a report with CCC. Lost or stolen permits are NOT replaced free of charge. However, if a permit is stolen, an individual may obtain a replacement permit for a replacement-processing fee.

Refunding for permits will follow the same timeline as that for tuition refunds. See the policy in the class schedule for tuition refunds


The College provides limited time parking spaces reserved for visitors only. Staff, faculty, students, any vehicle that has a permit issued to it, and those who are on campus on a regular basis are not considered visitors and will be cited if parked in a reserved visitor space. Visitors are required to use the proper spaces.


Overnight parking of vehicles on College property is prohibited at all times, regardless of Hours of Control. Parking any vehicle in any parking area or space between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. is prohibited unless permission is received from College Security.

During times that require snow removal, permission may not be granted to leave any vehicle overnight.


The College reserves the right to immobilize any vehicle that has two (2) or more unpaid citations. The college also reserves the right to remove any vehicle that does not display a valid permit, or is parked in such a manner that constitutes a safety hazard, obstruction, is abandoned or stored, is in violation of restricted or reserved parking, or must be removed in order to respond to an emergency situation.


Bicycles are not allowed in any building belonging to Coconino Community College at any time for any reason. Ample racks are provided for securing bicycles outside of the buildings and are easily accessible via the bike path. Improper parking or storing of bicycles is subject to enforcement. The college does not provide locks.


The college has provided a rack to secure skateboards next to the bicycle rack,  you will need your own padlock to use this rack,  Security does not provide locks.


CCC maintains an environment which has an emphasis on the safety and welfare of Students, Staff and Faculty. As a result, several moving violations are strictly enforced. Drivers of vehicles detected exceeding the posted speed limit, failing to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and those who fail to stop at the posted stop signs will be subject to enforcement. 


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