The purpose of the curriculum in Nursing and Allied Health is to prepare students with knowledge and skills to enter various specialty fields of employment in the Health Care industry. Students wanting to transfer to a University will be able to complete the necessary courses or be able to enter the workforce with either a degree or a certificate. This program supported by Flagstaff Community Foundation and its funding collaborators.




  • Applications available – March
  • Applications Due – May 31st, 2015 @ 12:00pm

Nursing Program Advisement

Please contact the Advising Department at the Lone Tree Campus 928 226-4323 for initial advisement, further advisement can then be obtained at the Nursing Department on Fourth Street. Please call 928 526-7640.

RN to BSN and Transferability of credits

Coconino Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and as a member of the North Central Association; all classes taken at CCC are transferable to other public and private educational institutions in Arizona. Additional courses will be required to meet requirements for the RN to BSN curriculum.


CCC General Education Options (General Education Options)

Est. Cost of 2 year Program



NUR 114


NUR 116




NUR 124


NUR 126 $179

NUR 215


NUR 217 $179

NUR 220


NUR 222



*Please note that text books come in a bundle each semester, however many will be purchased the first semester to be used throughout the program.


Textbook Costs**:

Semester I: 1st option: ebook with print estimated $811.61; 2nd option (ebook only): all print estimated $492.65


Semester II : 1st option: ebook with print estimated $608.23; 2nd option (ebook only): all print estimated $430.97


Semester III: 1st option: ebook with print: estimated $485.27; 2nd option (ebook only): all print estimated $342.54


Semester IV: 1st option: ebook with print estimated $290.69; 2nd option (ebook only): all print: estimated $229.74


Additional Costs: Supplies/Uniforms


NCLEX-RN Application and Testing


The above costs are for nursing classes only and are based on current tuition and course fees. Supplies and uniform costs are a conservative estimate. Addition expenses such as transportation, computer/internet service and living expenses are not included.

Document Schedule

All nursing students are required to furnish copes of certain health and safety documentation required by the state to the nursing department. Students are also required to update documents which may expire during the nursing program (i.e. TB, CPR, CNA). The following is a time table which can help you prepare and stay current with these requirements. This is the responsibility of the student and failure to provide current and updated documentation may result in the inability of the student to attend clinical dates.





CNA Certificate

Every 2 years-must be kept current through graduation

no cost

CPR Card

Every 2 yearmust be kept current through graduation

Facility charge


Prior to 1st semester and each year through graduation

Facility Charge


Prior to 1st semester

Facility Charge

FMC Module

Every Year-must be retaken each summer

no cost

DPS Fingerprint card

Prior to 1st semester

$65 plus cost of fingerprinting

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