Coconino Community College Student Spotlight: Tami-Shae Brooks

Date: Monday, 24th April 2023 02:46 PM

Tami-Shae Brooks is a student at Coconino Community College who moved from Jamaica to the United States as a teenager. She faces challenges such as immigration issues, financial difficulties, and demanding courses, but she also finds support and community at her school. She works hard to balance her academic and personal life, and enjoys hobbies such as mindfulness exercises, yoga, and hiking. She hopes to achieve her career goal of becoming a software engineer.


Tami-Shae Brooks was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, a place that has and will always be a home to her. But when she turned 15, her family made the difficult decision to move to the United States. It was a big change for her, and she felt culture shock in her new life in California.


“The transition was very exciting because many people outside of America think of it as the land of opportunity” she said, “however, it was still stressful to adjust.”


After graduating high school, she moved to Michigan with her mother and took an academic break to sort out issues with her immigration status and save some money to help pay for school. Currently she is a permanent resident who will become a naturalized American citizen in 2023.


Tami-Shae moved to Arizona with her partner, where she enrolled at Coconino Community College in the CCC2NAU program with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. Motivated by her desire for a good work-life balance and career flexibility, Tami-Shae has decided that she wanted to pursue a career in software engineering.


The one word she would use to describe the school is "community". Despite being nervous about the transition to a new school, Tami-Shae quickly fell in love with the campus and the small community.


“When I walked in, I first saw the lights in the Commons. It seemed so dreamy and whimsical.” she said, “I realized because it’s a smaller college I can meet and connect with a lot more people.”


She finds that the instructors, advisors and staff are approachable and supportive, and the other students are friendly.


One of Tami-Shae's biggest fears is failing. She has always been a high achiever, taking AP classes and serving important roles in multiple clubs in high school. She continues to push herself to work hard and stay focused, taking challenging courses such as Differential Equations and Calculus 3. She knows that these classes are arduous, but she is determined to succeed, and graduate in a timely manner. This semester she even was awarded Mathematics Student of the Year, nominated by three of CCCs math faculty members. She also will be speaking at this years commencement.

tami student award ceremony

Tami-Shae works hard to balance her academic responsibilities with her part-time job, as a tutor, saving money whenever she can. She also applies for financial aid, and scholarships to help pay for her academic expenses.


“After graduation one thing I want to restore in my life is a work life balance, I study a lot, and I work a lot. I don’t get to spend enough time with my family and my partner.”


Outside of her academic pursuits, Tami-Shae has several hobbies that help her to stay grounded and centered. She practices mindful meditation, yoga, painting, drawing, and hiking. She believes that these activities help her to maintain a healthy life and manage her stress. “Be present, be here.” she said, “Being in the moment helps me live a more fulfilled life.”


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