Be Stellar, Be Safe at CCC this fall


Sophia Weinzinger and classmates conduct experiments at CCC  in her "hybrid" Physics course. Hybrid, videoconferencing and online courses are available this fall to promote safety and minimal disruption to students.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Sophia Weinzinger, a Flagstaff resident currently studying Business Management at Arizona State University, listens intently in her Physics class at Coconino Community College. 


She and two other students are conducting hands-on experiments on the different types of energy. They all wear face coverings, including instructor Chad Davies. They all are at seats at least six feet apart. They are supposed to clean their stations when they are done with the lab.


“I figured with COVID, this summer would be a good time to get credits out of the way,” Weinzinger said. “CCC is a great place to get transfer credits.”


Weinzinger and her classmates are taking part in CCC’s “hybrid” learning environment with their Physics lab. This fall, there will be three ways students can take classes at the college in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the “hybrid” way, students can choose “videoconferencing” and “online.”


Dr. Nate Southerland, CCC’s Provost, said the decision to move to Remote Delivery for the fall was a tough one, particularly for the faculty, who will miss that face-to-face interaction they enjoy with the students. The decision had to be made for the health and safety of students, faculty and staff as well as to offer as little disruption as possible to classes during the course of the semester.


  • Videoconferencing: Classes in these courses will meet by Zoom at the days and times listed. Instructors will provide schedules and links to the videoconference sessions. Dr. Southerland talks about the videoconferencing option here


  • Online: Classes have no set days or times, but students will have weekly due dates. Students complete learning activities and assignments completely online in the Canvas learning system. Instructors contact students prior to the course start date regarding how to access and work through the online course. Dr. Southerland discusses advantages here


  • Hybrid: These courses combine online learning activities with in-person classes at the days and times listed in the course catalog. In-person classes will only be used for some Career and Technical Education and lab courses that require hands-on experience. Dr. Southerland explains here


As part of CCC’s “Be Stellar, Be Safe” initiative, the three ways to take classes are paired with safety messages of “Cover Up, Back Up, Clean Up,” which refers to wearing face coverings, maintaining social distancing and regularly cleaning hands and communal surfaces while at any of CCC’s three locations.


All three CCC sites will remain open for business purposes and for students to use the computer labs, participate in the loaner laptop program and have access to Wi-Fi if they have no other way to access their education.


Daniela Barva is a CCC student and Student Ambassador. Her job is to help new students orient themselves to the college experience. Her plan is to attend Northern Arizona University to study Wildlife Biology once she completes her studies at CCC.


She has signed up for courses for the fall – Sociology, Chemistry and Calculus.


“I don’t like to let anything stop me,” Barva said, adding that she’s faced many barriers in her life already. “I know it can be challenging, but as long as I can keep going and learning, I’m going to do it.”


She also said that she’s a bit worried about taking courses through Zoom because she enjoys the face-to-face encouragement of her instructors.


“I think as long as I’m putting in the work, I should be fine,” she said and smiled.


Barva said that she encourages all students to continue with their educational plans.


“I tell them to take one or two courses and see how they like it,” Barva said, adding that sometimes when people stop working toward a goal, it’s even harder to get moving forward again. “Just keep going.”


Weinzinger will be heading back to ASU in the fall. She has a schedule of Zoom and online classes. Last spring, when the pandemic closed down the university, the transition from in-person to online was tough, she said. The summer classes at CCC have helped.


“Everyone was definitely more knowing what to expect,” Weinzinger said.


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