CCC grad takes MyPath2ASU


CCC student Travis Barnes graduated in May, and he's on his way to Arizona State University this fall, with the help of the MyPath2ASU program.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Travis Barnes has experienced a number of hardships and false starts in his life.


“My parents gave me ‘the talk,” Barnes said, smiling. “They said, ‘School is the best investment you can make in yourself.’”


So, Barnes, a Flagstaff native who graduated from Sinagua High School when it was still a high school, decided to consider a career instead of jobs with little to no upward mobility. He opted for Coconino Community College.


Now, having graduated in May from CCC with a certificate in Arizona General Education Curriculum – Arts, Barnes will now be attending Arizona State University in the fall to study Economics. While at CCC, he enrolled in the MyPath2ASU university transfer program, one of several transfer programs at CCC.


Sonjia Jones, Academic and Career Advisor at CCC, said that the college has partnerships with ASU, Northern Arizona University, the University of Arizona and Grand Canyon University.


“Overall, Arizona wants to see its population become more skilled and educated,” Jones said. “Increasing access to higher education is good for the state, the economy, families and communities.”


The MyPath2ASU program offers students customized plans to follow with their community college advisors to implement and maximize their transfer-degree courses.


“Students are savvy when it comes to deciding where they want to complete a bachelor’s,” Jones said. “They often compare each college, costs, services, scholarships, convenience, career support and job placement after graduation … It’s always rewarding to see students happy with their transfer choice once they find the right fit, no matter what transfer institution they choose.”


Barnes said ASU has a strong Economics program.


“I like the science of money, how economies work,” Barnes said.


His little brother went to Northern Arizona University. He’ll go to ASU. Maybe his little sister will go to U of A.


“Then, we’ll have all the universities covered,” Barnes said, adding that he grew up in Flagstaff and moving away to finish university would be good for him.


Barnes said that his educational journey began slow, because he had to pay out of pocket, initially – because he had tried college before when he wasn’t ready, and he needed to get off of academic probation.


“CCC was a good option,” Barnes said. “The prices were very affordable for me.”


When he qualified for financial aid, he began going to college full time.


“I’ve learned, coming back to school, not to rush things and get overwhelmed in the process,” Barnes said, adding that CCC’s smaller class sizes and closer connection to the faculty was important for his growth as a student. “I didn’t want to be that guy who left school and didn’t come back.”


At one point in his life, he thought attending college was out of reach, but this fall, he’ll be working toward a bachelor’s degree at ASU.


“I would recommend 100 percent going to college,” Barnes said. “It’s not out of reach.”


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