GEO 102 (3)

Human Geography

Thematic approach towards the study of global attributes to provide a bridge between the social and environmental sciences that considers how trends, patterns, and interactions developed within and between countries. Emphasis consists of comparisons and contrasts of the physical, socio-cultural, economic, and political aspects among regions of the world and application of geographical concepts and theories that explain or predict the cause and effect leading to the development of specific aspects for a country or region. General Education Social and Behavioral Sciences, Special Requirement Contemporary Global/International and Historical Awareness. Three lecture.


GEO 131 (4)

Introduction to Physical Geography 

Natural processes of weather, climate, hydrology, ecology, geology and tectonics, diastrophism, volcanism, denudation, soils, glaciations, and coastal processes emphasizing geographic distribution. General Education: Physical and Biological Sciences. Three lecture; three lab.


GEO 133 (3)      

sun logo GEO 1121

World/Regional Geography 

Physical (climate, vegetation, landform) and cultural (ethnic, religious, political, economic) attributes of the world’s major regions and the interplay between them. Includes a study of world place-name geography. General Education: Social and Behavioral Sciences. Special Requirements: Contemporary Global/International Awareness or Historical Awareness. Three lecture.


GEO 298 (1–6)

Special Topics 

Designed to meet the needs of an individual(s) who has an interest in pursuing an original topic in an instructional area under faculty supervision. One to six variable credit hours.

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