Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate Program Information

After completing NUR 110 and NUR 111, as part of the licensing application process, nursing assistant students must pass a background check with the Arizona State Board of Nursing, knowledge and skills tests with D&S Diversified, and proof of citizenship. Please refer to the Arizona State Board of Nursing for more information.


Attendance at First Class is Mandatory


A complete description of this course is available on the CNA Program Information page.


Course: NUR 110, Nursing Assistant I, 6 hours per week of class/skills lab, 4 credits (letter grade)
The Certified Nursing Assistant’s role will focus on the adult population, which covers the basic concepts required to become a member of the health care team in long-term and acute care settings. Topics to be taught include (but not limited to) an understanding of activities of daily living, communication, basic nutrition, basic emergency care, principles of infection control, medical terminology, resident safety, and ethical/legal aspects of health care. Fundamental nursing skills based upon the basic nursing concepts above will be reinforced through giving individualized resident care in the classroom, lab, lab practice time, and clinical rotations. This is an in-person class.


* This class will prepare the student to take the knowledge and skills examinations for the Arizona State Board of Nursing (AZBN). The student must pass this class and the state exams to become certified or licensed. You must pass NUR 110 with a “75%” or better, and successfully complete NUR 111. Verified Competency of skills #1-23 in the CNA Candidate Handbook is required prior to students being permitted to attend clinicals. Inability to attend or unsatisfactory clinical will result in a failing grade for both NUR 110 and NUR 111. NOTICE: If a student fails either class, both classes must be repeated successfully before a certificate of completion is granted.


Co-Requisite Course: NUR 111, Nursing Assistant Clinical, 40 hours of clinical time, 1 credit (letter grade)
This course will provide students with the necessary clinical time required for application for state certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant or Licensed Nursing Assistant. Students will practice basic concepts common to all members of the health team in acute and long-term care settings, which include basic principles of communication, nutrition, emergency care, medical terminology, environmental safety and comfort, ethical/legal aspects of health care, basic nursing skills based upon fundamental nursing concepts in giving individualized client care. This course requires forty (40) hours of supervised clinical in a variety of health care facilities. Students must have a grade of 75% or more in NUR 110 to attend clinical.



Pre-Requisite or Co-Requisite: AHS 131, Medical Terminology I (this can be taken as an online course)



For questions regarding the enrollment process, please contact Katherine Costa.