Dual Enrollment (DE) courses are high school courses that also allow students to earn both high school and CCC college credits. These courses are taught at the high school, during the high school day, by high school teachers. Dual enrollment teachers must meet the same credential requirement as college instructors teaching the same course. They use the College textbook or one approved by the Department Chair and teach all College outcomes for the course.


Students enrolled in DE courses will receive CCC credit and an official CCC transcript upon satisfactory completion of their class.


In order to receive the CCC credit, they must be officially enrolled with CCC, while in high school. Free or reduced tuition costs apply for all classes.


Select the logo for the semester or academic year to see Dual Enrollment courses at your school...


High School

Spring 2015

Fall 2015

Coconino High School N/A
Flagstaff High School N/A
Fredonia High School N/A
Ganado High School N/A
Grand Canyon High School Grand Canyon High School N/A
Greyhills Academy High School N/A
Page High School N/A
Ponderosa High School N/A N/A
Tuba City High School N/A
Williams High School N/A


For information regarding the Dual Enrollment process please refer to the Dual Enrollment Instructors manual


Instructors who are interested in teaching a Dual Enrollment class, please contact Denise Folke at denise.folke@coconino.edu.


To learn how CCC courses transfer to other AZ community colleges and universities, visit AZ Transfer.

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