The cost of going to college continues to rise, making it feel out of reach for many students.  CCC offers an alternative, less expensive way to earn college credit while still in high school.  Our Dual Enrollment (DE) program follows Arizona Revised State Statute 15-1821.01 and is designed to give high school Juniors and Seniors an opportunity to earn college credit for $10 per credit hour at their high school.  The cost of Fall 2016 tuition on campus at CCC is $102 per credit hours while at NAU it is $376.  DE students taking one 3 credit hour class will pay $30, a savings of $276 over waiting until graduating from high school to take college classes.  Most of our DE courses are transferable to other colleges and universities.  CCC offers a variety of courses including core subjects, career and technical education courses and arts and sciences courses.   


DE courses allow students to earn both high school and college credits for courses they take at the high school with their high school teachers. Dual enrollment teachers must meet the same credentialing requirements as on campus college instructors teaching the same course. They teach to the same college curriculum and courses are designed to equal the college learning experience that the student would get sitting in a CCC classroom.  Teachers use the same college textbook or one approved by the Dean that contains equivalent higher level information.  Students enrolled in DE courses will receive CCC credit and an official CCC transcript upon satisfactory completion of their class.


To enroll in a DE course, students need to go through the DE enrollment process which must be completed through their high school.  Registration at CCC cannot accept DE applications directly.


For college credit, students need to complete: 


  • CCC DE admission form
  • Valid photo ID or other proof of residency
  • Class Registration form
  • Placement Test(s) or Prerequisites completed
  • Payment of class fees to CCC by deadline
  • Inform the teacher they are a DE student


For more information on the DE student experience please refer to DE Student Handbook.

For more information on courses available through DE please refer to our DE Course Catalog.

To learn how CCC courses transfer to other AZ community colleges and universities, visit AZ Transfer.

For information regarding the Dual Enrollment process please refer to the Dual Enrollment Instructors manual


Instructors who are interested in teaching a Dual Enrollment class, please contact Alex Purchase at


CCC partners with the following high school to provide DE courses.  Check with your high school for their DE offerings. 


  • Coconino High School
  • Flagstaff High School
  • Fredonia High School
  • Ganado High School
  • Grand Canyon High School
  • Greyhills Academy High School
  • Page High School
  • Summit High School
  • Tuba City High School
  • Williams High School


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