American Sign Language and Interpreting Studies (AA)

American Sign Language and Interpreting Studies


The Associate Arts in American Sign Language and Interpreting Studies degree is designed to provide the foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in American Sign Language Interpreting or within the Deaf community.   


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 Minimum Credits Required: 60


Degree Information

What courses will I need to take?


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What will I learn?

Upon successful completion of this program, students will:

  • demonstrate American Sign Language communication competency and apply knowledge of American Sign language linguistics
  • discuss and apply knowledge of text analysis between English and American Sign Language
  • analyze, identify and apply personal, professional and ethical decisions in a manner consistent with social justice models and standard Interpreting professional practice
  • and demonstrate interpersonal competencies that foster effective communication and productive collaboration with colleagues, consumers and employers within the Deaf community


How will my course placement affect my course sequence?

Placement testing requirements can vary, please select the courses that are most appropriate for your skill level. For additional information view the Course Placement page.

Tracks based on current degree minimum requirements for English and Math.


Track 1:

ENG 095
ENG 099 + RDG 099
ENG 101
ENG 102

Track 2:

ENG 095
RDG 099
ENG 101A  (combines ENG 099 + ENG 101)
ENG 102



Track 1:

MAT 088
MAT 091
MAT 097
MAT 142

Track 2:

MAT 088
MAT 091
MAT 140 (combines MAT 097 + MAT 142)

Work with an advisor to ensure completion of your pathway in a timely manner.