Academic Internships



Gain real-world experience

Build your resume

Acquire additional references

Earn letters of recommendation

Launch your career




What areas are available for Internships?

Administration of Justice Gain experience in public safety, corrections, legal offices, courtroom support.
Business & Accounting Gain experience in accounting, marketing, management, finance.
Computer & Information Technology Gain experience in web design, graphic design, PC technician, networking.
Construction Technology Gain experience in solar, green building, electrical, general construction.
Arts & Sciences Please fill out the Questionnaire above to see what’s available in your area!

Why you should consider an internship

Coconino Community College (CCC) recognizes that there are important elements of career preparation which cannot adequately be taught within the confines of the classrooms of the College. CCC offers service learning internship opportunities through many of its degrees and certificate programs. The goal of the internship is to provide students with the necessary real-life, on-the-job employment experiences that will prepare them for a future in their chosen career.


CCC collaborates with local employers to help provide academic internship opportunities that are appropriate for CCC students and their academic and career goals. Employers stand to benefit from an internship program in the following ways: it can help create a pipeline of future employees, it is a way of “test-driving” future talent, it can increase productivity and enhance perspective of current employees, and it is a way for a company or organization to give back to the community by supporting students.


It is our hope that each student’s internship experience is rewarding and worthwhile for all involved. Your feedback regarding the internship program is important to us. If you have any suggestions that you consider to be helpful in improving CCC’s academic internship program or our internship documents, please contact David Prieb .

The Role of the Student

  1. To begin the process please fill out the Internship Questionnaire . If needed, work with an advisor or CTE Specialist to draft a compelling resume and cover letter to submit to internship organization.
  2. Meet internship organization qualification requirements.
  3. Complete all required paperwork by Coconino Community College (CCC) and the internship organization. (Please see Additional Documents )
  4. Schedule internship hours to meet internship organization needs.
  5. Work with internship faculty to identify learning outcomes and strategies relating the internship activities to academic studies. Complete Internship Learning Contract and submit to faculty or Internship Specialist.
  6. After Internship Learning Contract has been submitted and the class has been created, it is the responsibility of the student to enroll and pay for the appropriate course for the internship (i.e., XXX289, Internship at XXXX).
  7. Keep weekly time and activity logs and submit to internship faculty as required.
  8. Complete stated learning outcomes, any assignments, and number of required internship hours.
  9. Participate in activities designed to provide an overview of the organization.
  10. Approach responsibilities with dedication, enthusiasm, and maturity.
  11. Be aware of and comply with internship organization policies and procedures. Complete Intern Feedback Form at the conclusion of the internship. (Please see Additional Documents )

The Role of the Supervising Faculty Member

  1. Recommend and refer qualified students for internship placement and assist student with placement.  Students can begin the process by completing the Internship Questionnaire form.
  2. Complete all required paperwork by CCC and the internship organization.
  3.  Work with student to identify specific learning outcomes and strategies relating the internship activities to academic studies.
  4. Maintain contact with student, internship organization, and work-site supervisor.
  5. Monitor student activities and progress through regular meetings and at least one site visit per semester.
  6. Address any questions or concerns of the student and work-site supervisor.
  7. Regularly review Intern Timesheet and Daily Logs.
  8. Review Work-site Supervisor’s Evaluation of Intern, Intern Feedback Form, and any other required project materials.
  9. Determine and assign final grade.

Role of the Employer

Employer Expectations (Employer and Work-site Supervisor):

  1. Assign a work-site supervisor who has the time and ability to assist with intern supervision, training and mentoring.
  2. Maintain communication with CCC internship faculty and work-site supervisor throughout the duration of the internship experience.
  3. Review and agree to learning outcomes and strategies developed by student and faculty in the Learning Contract to make sure it meets the needs and expectations of your organization and the industry in general. If not, inform and work with assigned faculty to reevaluate and redevelop learning outcomes and strategies that do align with industry.
  4. Provide the student with the appropriate orientation and training for the internship setting and projects.
  5. Provide meaningful assignments and projects, within the constraints of the student’s time and abilities, to enhance and complement the student’s academic program goals.
  6. Address any questions or concerns of the student and/or the internship faculty as they arise.
  7. Evaluate the student’s internship performance by completing the Work-site Supervisor Evaluation of Intern form. Discuss the evaluation with the student. (Please see Additional Documents )
  8. Notify CCC and the internship faculty of any personnel actions which may affect the student’s standing in the internship.


Additional Documents

Student Documents:

  • Learning Contract
    To be completed by the student and signed by student, worksite supervisor, and supervising faculty member.
    Return to CTE Specialist when complete.
  • Timesheet and Daily Log
    Please print out multiple copies, as needed.
  • Intern Feedback Form
    To be completed at the conclusion of the internship.


Employer Documents: