Coconino Community College's Community & Corporate Learning Division has developed a strong relationship with local employer partners to create workforce development programs that attend to the needs of our local community.  All curriculum is designed  using an inclusive process where community partners and local employers are invloved in determining curriculum content to ensure that workers are prepared to enter the labor force.  Some of our long term community partners include Goodwill Industries of Northern Arizona, the Northern Arizona Education & Re-entry Program, Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, and the Arizona Skills Standards Council.  With the help of these and many other community partners, Coconino Community College is dedicated to serving our workforce needs at the speed of business.


Our latest endeavor includes the development of the Manufacturing Series that focuses on employer needs in Coconino County.  This public/private partnership has created two certificate programs that will run fully subsidized in 2013.  By 2014 we expect these courses to  be fee-based and run twice per year with open enrollment. Some partner employers that have particpated in the design of curriculum and are committed to prioritizing the hiring of these students include Nestle-Purina Pet Care Co., Joy Cone Inc., Prent Thermoform, Novakenetics, and W.L. Gore. 



Call 526-7654 or 526-7600 for further information regarding workforce development programs.

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