ELT 100 (3)

Concepts of Electricity & Basic Electronics 

Electronics, including DC and AC, transistors, optoelectronic devices, linear and digital ICs, and electronic career opportunities. One lecture; three lab.


ELT 120 (3)

Direct Current (DC) 

Basic electricity theory and components beginning with Ohm’s Law and atomic structure and progressing to circuit analysis techniques used in solving series, parallel and series-parallel networks. Uses network theorems to evaluate multisource circuits. Prerequisite: *MAT 121, or *MAT 122, or placement test score(s) beyond prerequisite course(s). Two lecture; two lab.


ELT 130 (3)

Alternating Current (AC) 

Basic electrical theory as it applies to circuits containing capacitance, inductance, and resistance with sinusoidal voltages applied. Simple and complex circuits are studied and measured using instruments such as a signal generator and oscilloscope. Prerequisite: *MAT 121, or *MAT 122, or placement test score(s) beyond prerequisite course(s). Two lecture; two lab.


ELT 135 (3)

Microcomputer Operating Systems & Architecture 

Theory of digital logic gates, characteristics of input and output devices, memory hierarchy, central processing action, program processing, data transfer groups, interrupts, programmable peripheral group, C high level language, parallel and serial ports. Operation of utility programs to analyze system performance, diagnosis and correction of disk problems using real-world applications. Prerequisite: CIS 111. Co-requisite: *MAT 121, or *MAT 122, or consent of instructor. Two lecture; two lab. May be taken for S/U credit.


ELT 289 (1–6)

Internship I

Designed for students who are looking for paid or voluntary, practical learning experiences that apply academic and occupational education to real-life, on-the-job situations.  Credit hours will be negotiated based on fulfillment of a contract.  Each credit hour requires the completion of a minimum 45 hours of on-the-job participation.  Prior experience or course work in the field of interest is required.  One to six variable credit hours.  May be taken for S/U credit.


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*Course has additional pre or co requisite(s)


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