AGR 111 (1)

A Living Soil I

Creating lush gardens in the high desert starting the first year.  "An Introduction, Unique Garden Designs”.  Topics include:  Importance of humus, soil structure, micro-macro fauna/flora, what harms/nurtures life in the soil, soil challenges, evaluating your soil.  Unique garden designs, explores French intensive, no-till, lasagna, small plot gardening, and bio-dynamic gardening. One lecture. 


AGR 112 (1)

A Living Soil II

Nurturing the life in the soil:  “Compost Happens, Mulching your Garden, Raising Earthworms.”  Learn techniques to nurture the life in the soil.  Topics include:  Diverse methods of making compost, using finished compost; benefits and uses of mulching for vegetables and landscaping, etc.; classifications, anatomy and lifestyles, methods of raising earthworms, value and uses of worm castings.  One lecture. 


AGR 113 (1)

A Living Soil III

Creating a balanced Eco-system in the garden: cover crops, crop rotation, and companion planting.”   Topics include; benefits and uses of cover crops, planning/selecting and managing cover crops; importance of crop rotation, evaluating needs and drawing up a rotation plan; efficient small spaces, protection and compatible combination; companion planting as a tool to create micro climates, beauty/landscaping; efficient small spaces, protection and compatible combinations. One  lecture.  


AGR 114 (1)

A Living Soil

Feeding your garden naturally: “Soil Amendments”, “Garden Tea Party,” and Homemade Remedies/Inoculants.” Topics include: Importance of a balanced soil system, Macro/micro nutrients, a look at rock minerals, seaweed derivatives, Humates, natural soil amendments and fertilizers, various liquid nutrients and foliar feeding, home remedies for garden solution, use of Inoculants, and beneficial insects in the garden. One lecture. May be taken for S/U credit.


AGR 116 (1)

Greenhouse Organic Growing

Learn various options for how to plan and set up a solar Greenhouse and maintain a balanced ecosystem within it. Topics include: Functions of a greenhouse, effects of relative shade, heat levels and seasonal changes, container and plant selection, soils, water, ventilation, light, sanitation, and organic fertilization. Lecture one.May be taken for S/U credit.


AGR 117 (1)

Raising Your Own Starts 

Learn how to raise your own vegetable and flower seedlings for the garden. Topics include: Preparation, making potting soil, seed, germination, transplanting, quality light, watering, organic fertilizing, hardening off. Included is a hands-on opportunity to experience working with seeds, seedlings, transplanting and a sample to take home. One lecture. May be taken for S/U credit.


AGR 118 (1)

Extending the Season

Learn techniques to extend the High Desert Gardening Season, and harvest year round.  Topics include: various styles and methods of using cold frames, tunnels, frost and shade covers, wall-o-water, and greenhouses. Also discussed are choosing specific seed varieties, succession planting and raising sprouts. One lecture.


AGR 119 (1)

Seed to Seed

Explore and learn about the beauty and magic of seeds.  The importance of bio-diversity, heirloom/open pollinated seed and sources.  Included are techniques for raising your own seed, pollination, flower structure; maintaining purity, seed cleaning, and storage.  A review of some examples from easy to more difficult seed to save and hands on opportunity to work with seeds to take home.  One lecture.


AGR 122 (.5)

The World of Chili Peppers

Explore “The World of Chile Peppers” from seed to garden, preserving and then to the dinner table.  Topics include: Various pepper varieties from sweet to hot, soil preparations, starting seeds indoors, transplanting outdoors, seasonal care, harvesting tips, and saving seed.  Learn methods of freezing, drying and preserving peppers. Hands on preparing and tasting salsas, chili sauces, and roasted chilies.  .5 lecture.


AGR 123 (.5)

The World of Garlic

Explore “The World of Garlic” from garden to pantry to garlic cuisine.  Topics include:  Garlic varieties, soil preparation, when and how to plant garlic.  Seasonal care, harvesting tips, saving seed, storing and preserving methods, and garlic braids. Taste and experience some quick and easy gourmet uses of garlic. .5 lecture.


AGR 124 (.5)

The World of Onions

Explore “The World of Onions” and learn how to grow, harvest, store and preserve them. Topics including: Various members of the onion family; bulbing onions, chives, shallots, etc., soil preparation, starting seeds indoors or out, seasonal care, harvesting and curing for storage, seed savings, cuisine tips for roasting and other methods of using onions.  .5 lecture. 


AGR 127 (.5)

The World of Gourmet Greens

Explore “The World of Gourmet Greens” and learn how to grow and prepare a variety of lettuces, Asian & wild edible greens. May be taken for S/U credit with instructor approval. .5 Lecture.


AGR 128 (.5)

The World of Sprouts

Explore “The World of Sprouts” and learn to grow and prepare a diversity of seeds, grains and beans as sprouts. May be taken for  S/U credit with instructor approval.  .5 Lecture.

This catalog was prepared on the basis of the best information available at the time of publication. All information is subject to change without notice, obligation, or liability.


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